Wooooo! Labour Day Classic

by Mark Zaugg 4. September 2006 18:50

44 to not enough. 

The Stamps are on a roll and looking good.  Four in a row under their belts as this boy's mind turns to football. 

 Photos going up now.  Quite the weekend with Highlanders, waterparks, and of course, the aforementioned Labour Day Classic.  Go Stamps.  The rest of you can go check out the new photos.

My ghod, I love the pipes.

by Mark Zaugg 2. September 2006 17:56

It's the Labour Day long weekend and everyone in Calgary knows what THAT means. 

You betcha.  The Calgary Highland Games!  Oh, and Labour Day Football.  But we've only made it up to Saturday so far. 

I've never made it to the Highland Games before.  (I'm not really sure why I would have, I'm nae Scottish.)  I just have an unnatural love of the bagpipes, a fondness for thistles (ha ha), and I dream of eating a freshly prepared haggis.  My Lady-love took me out for haggis at a restaurant and it was good, but I know nothing's like home cooking, so she left me wanting more. 

It was pretty cool.  Wall to wall pipers, we saw the Highland Dancers, we played the kid's games, we wandered around and about the shops, we watched the Heavy Events (Dad's favourite - the 22 pound hammer throw) and for lunch, a meat pie and a "Bridie" (or "Birdie" if you're my kids).  How can you not love something that mixes ground meat and pastry?  Mmmm....

Yeah, I'm still holding out for haggis, but we're only a few months away from Robbie Burns Day.  Photos coming tonight.

So how the heck am I and what's going on in my world?

by Mark Zaugg 28. August 2006 01:27

Okay, I was house-sitting for a week.  We're bug-squishing at work and doing assorted release goodies.  By the time I got home I mostly made dinner, grabbed a beer, played Runescape two nights in a row (falling asleep at the keyboard once), and tried to figure out the alarm system. 

Ooh..  I'm a technically smart guy.  I work with alarms all the time.  I had one at my old job, I have one at my new job.  Easy, right?  Ever try to bypass a zone?  D'Oh!  It was easier shutting up the windows and sweating to the oldies in the evening until it cooled off. 

My financial planner extraordinaire (tm) came back from vacation and we went for Pho on Wednesday.  Remind me to only go for Pho on nights when my Lady-love is unavailable.  Or help me make her appreciate the goodness of Pho.  (Me, like an idiot, ordered beef balls without noodles...  Look at the menu before ordering, pinhead.)  The kids got the Asteroid (won-ton) soup.  It was a good week, astronomically.

Dragula is a fine vehicle, except it really, REALLY needs to be cleaned.  Something about the "two kids and a dog" in the equation.  Strangely enough, the slob behind the wheel isn't too much of the problem this time.

Speaking of the Murano, I can give you my first month report on it.  I'm getting 11.6 km / 100 L.  That is 20.3 miles per US Gallon, or 24.4 miles per Imperial Gallon (something *I* understand).  Thanks to the TDI Club calculator for the information.  Those guys that own TDI's are really nice people.

We have been very pleased with the Murano.  It's been great for trips, the mileage has been acceptible (I want MORE, always MORE...)  The handling is wonderful and I can haul five monitors back to the office with ease.  Try that in the Mustang.  With a kid seat in the back.  But I'll be the first to tell you every car is a compromise and you're bound to find something you don't like.  Well, I found it in the Murano.

I don't like the windshield wipers.  They smear really badly where I'm looking out.  Sure, I can lower the seat with the fully powered controls, but that just makes me less comfortable sitting.  Oooh, I'm so mad, I want to run right out and buy a new pair.

Otherwise, I did some shopping at the Calgary Produce Marketing Association's Harvest Sale at Heritage Park.  Bottom line?  My Lady-love won't let me go to the farmer's markets on my own anymore.

At least we got the canning done today.  Sure, it was a long day, but just one day....

Journeys and travails

by Mark Zaugg 1. August 2006 00:39

I picked up the kids today in the new vehicle.  They thought it was pretty cool too. 

This time, when I park Bitsy it's a way different feeling.  She's parked to be restored, not parked to be forgotten.  That'll take a while, though, until I have cash to throw at Bitsy.. 

There is absolutely zero chance I could ever afford such a fabulous vehicle as the Murano, I'm truly blessed that I have such a wonderful Lady-love to stand beside me - and let me drive it.  (Oh yeah, she thinks I'm doting on her too much in here.  I won't mention her at all today.)  Hey, it's easy to just demonstrate sharing to the kids than try to explain it all, right? 

So, up in the photos today go two sets of photos.  The last ride in Bitsy and the first ride in the Murano. 

Now for the NEXT argument.  Naming the car.  I prefer going with derivating the name from the colour.  "Merry" (a la the hobbit) or "Merta" (a la the grotesque) are my favourites.  The kids were their usual helpful, with Frankenstein, Vampire, etc.  We had the discussion at dinner.  "What was the name of the car from the Munsters?"  Uhm...  I couldn't remember off the top of my head.  Straight on down to Google.  Dragging my tail upstairs, and my Lady-love (who I'm not talking about, but love very much) says to me with that grin of hers, "It's Dragula, isn't it?"

Well, there's the Munster Koach and Grampa's Dragula.  It's called a Luxury SUV.  I don't want to be driving around in something that's going to put me into a Rob Zombie state of mind.

"Let's take a vote," my son says helpfully.  "All in favour of Dragula, raise your hands."  Everyone else but me.

"No no no.  We have to have a consensus," I retort, grasping for what little control I can get back.

"That's three votes for Dragula and one vote for Consensus.  We win."

May I put a pinch of carnivore in your vegan?

by Mark Zaugg 24. July 2006 00:00

A weekend and then some. 

Today was a bit more laid back, I guess.  A scorcher of a day once again, but at least we knew it was coming.  It started off with Rebekk wanting her own Runescape account.  I think she's officially played more than I have this week.  Great...  I can feel my ranking slide by the minute. 

Kids and I made plans to head down to Prince's Island Park, hit the pool and kick back a bit while we were down there.  A quick stop for beverages, a run to Chinatown for lunch, and we were off to the races - all races today were from one end of the wading pool to the other.  You'll see the latest photos in the photo department. 

Not bad for a day out. 

Of course, I am well famous for putting on a lame French accent and cooking up a storm.  (That and trying to cram a piece of frozen meat into a crock pot.  But that's a story for another day.)
Tonight on the menu, we featured, well..  I had some smokies frozen in the upstairs freezer.  Okay, that's the base, I'll come up with something as I cook.  Pasta, of course.  You never go wrong with pasta.  And we have all that fresh basil, and that oregano from the garden, I can surely use some of THAT, right?

Terrific!  My plan is set, we're home at 4:00, and Google is my friend.  Well, it used to be, and once I start using the word "Ratosfrass" on a regular basis, it shall be once more!

So, into Google goes "pasta white sauce basil oregano".  Just for a little comfort - I don't like trying to make something from my demented little mind and discovering later that the baking soda I was planning to add shouldn't settle with the vinegar first.  The first hit that comes up is this.  What a wonderfully spectacular article!  It was a truly useful reference for one like me.  The white sauce I put together turned out wonderfully - after my lady-love promted me to add some garlic.  Oh, and remind me to crack some pepper over the top of it next time.

Of course, I'm thinking to myself, "Is it okay if I substitute meat in here?"

Summertime... And the living's easy.

by Mark Zaugg 22. July 2006 22:11

Porgy and Bess...  How I've never seen thee.. 

Here's a few scatterings of thought from a scatterbrain. 

Babcia and John are on their way right now to California.  Safe trip, little hombres...  Burn me a redwood when you get down there.  (Well, not all at once.)  Remind me to take up HAM radio as a hobby when I get some time put together...  John's got some really cool tubified electronics.  Tubes are cool.  Until you have to move them. 

It's hotter than snot this weekend.  High of 30 or 31 C for the whole weekend.  "Okay," I thinks to myself, "Wouldn't it be FABULOUSLY cool to get one of those inflatable boats and take the kids and my lady-love down the river?  I'll go to Crappy Tire right after breakfast and buy one!"
  Only problem:  It's hotter than snot and everyone else in the city had the same idea.  I swear, there wasn't a single raft on the shelf, but there were three in the checkout line by the time I got there.  <grumble>  I'll leave it for the Lady-love to express herself. 

We went up to Dickson Dam again today, this time joined by my lady-love's sister and her family.  Not a single picture on the beach this time.  See the previous photos, please, and pretend that they're current.

Do you know how to judge when a good time was had by all?  It's when you get home and the dog just plops down in the shade and is so tuckered out that he doesn't even wag his tail when you walk up to him.  I think he told me to give him a day, he'll be ready to fetch again tomorrow.

It's been a good day in a doggish sorta way.  After we got home, KA picked 101 Dalmations to watch for a movie after dinner.  When I was a kid, I had a record that was basically the dialogue from the movie and more or less told the whole thing, but for the life of me, I can't remember seeing the whole thing before.  I think they call it puppy love.

Of course, a bunch of this started when Mr. Bug and I got started talking about dogs a day or two back.  He mentioned his neighbor had a Leonberger.  They look quite hard to lose in the cushions of a couch and I got strolling through the photos.  I don't know any other way to say it, they look adorable.  With the tangent to my favourite dog, the Borzoi.  I've heard that they're a little tough to hide under the bed when your Mom isn't looking, too.  I have to say, Bud's pretty much got me sold on Border Collies.  And still, I thought my lady-love's first comment when I got through the door would be, "You've been looking at dogs again, haven't you?"

Of course, my financial planner extraordinaire (and great friend, and possessor of Ozzie, the snack-sized dust-bunny dog-like critter) came over Friday.  We had dinner, a good chat, and the wheels are back on this little red wagon of mine.  Sure, it's a little wobbly, but there's only so much the wise and mighty can pull off when they're working with me.  On the bright side, it's been a hard day's night, and I'll keep working..  Well, I suppose I'm beyond that for the moment.

Which takes me to that particular moment -- I'm sure we all have it -- when out of the blue, your lady-love (or, if you happen to be the lady-love, the Prince Charmin of your dreams) turns to you and says, "Oh, by the way..."  In this case, it was, "By the way, you have to mow the lawn today."  Okay, it's not such a hard thing to do, and frankly, I kinda enjoy doing the yardwork..

We got a bunch of plants from my Mom's yard and transplanted them.  Most are doing fine - the vine isn't doing all that swell, and the bulbish-pink plants of mystery are dying (but they're bulbs!  Aren't they supposed to be dying?)  This is entirely NOT a "gardening in Calgary" kinda blog.

On the bright side of things, there's nothing quite like the fresh scent of fresh-mown peonies.  You'll parden me, I have to go make amends to my lady-love before she reads this and finds out what it's all about.


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