Criminally responsible.

by Mark Zaugg 25. March 2009 02:13

Book 'em, Dano

This would have never come to light had there not been video taken of Dziekanski's deathThe very facts are that the police officers have lied, although I'm not prepared to make declaration on the severity of the lies.  I will not dignify the lies by calling it "mis-remembering."  Flat out, Dziekanski was killed and the attending officers lied that he was swinging a stapler wildly, that he had some kind of superhumanly resisted the first shock from the taser, and that they attended Dziekanski by monitoring his health after he had been taken down. 

My first aid certification has lapsed, but I know a damn sight more than how those four officers acted regarding monitoring vital signs and administering first aid.  What they did is, at best, negligent and at worst criminal in my eyes.  Think for a minute - these are the people who are sworn to serve and protect YOU and are expected to treat each and every person they encounter in a fair and reasonable manner.  Saying that you may be next is not an exaggeration in the slightest. 

There are good cops and bad cops out there.  There is no room for anything less than good cops and great cops.  Anything less than the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is unacceptible.  Not charging these officers is not acceptible. 

I both understand and acknowledge that this may have taken an emotional toll on the officers.  Emotional tolls do not negate charges of impropriety.  Feeling bad does not restore a life.  You and I do not get a get out of jail card for an alleged crime because we feel bad.  It may mitigate sentencing, but it does not eliminate the consequence. 

Charge them.  Charge them now.  They have acted unacceptibly and deserve to stand charges in court.  If charges do not stick in a fair and open trial, I'll happily rescind my opinion and defend them.  Until then, make them - all four of them - stand on charges.  They have some serious answers to provide and have yet to demonstrate full and unvarnished honesty. 

I know I'm just one more schmuck with a blog and a meaningless opinion, but until we all can press with our opinions, none of this shit is going to change.  I'll return to my usual drivel tomorrow. 

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