A balance in all things

by Mark Zaugg 21. June 2011 01:03

My ghod, I sound like a whingey, morose bastard these days.


Life is fantastic.  I have my plan laid out for the summer, for the fall, for the winter.  My path is clear, my days are busy, I'm seeing progress on almost everything that's been burning my ass that I haven't seemed to be able to get on top of lately.


I've alluded to all this lovely positive change happening around me and I've been talking tl;dr, dark and gloomy.


When I can get on my bike and go ride for an hour and feel fantastic when I'm home, I'm not sitting in bad shape.  When the difference between feeling good and feeling great means a little perspective around myself, that's a major shift from a couple months ago.  When I can attend a party with a bunch of people I don't know and enjoy myself...  Well, that's been unheard of for years from me.


Good risks.  Good chances.  I really am doing okay.  Just a little impatient for everything to fall into place.

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