I need to bottle a bit of Dragon fire.

by Mark Zaugg 31. May 2012 15:18

Perhaps it is SpaceX's Dragon making a splashdown after a picture perfect flight today.

Perhaps it is anticipation with catching up with an old friend.

Perhaps it is having my dad back in town and being able to talk face to face.

Perhaps it's a pile of little things going right.

Perhaps it really is Directed Change.

You know those days where it's completely overwhelming, the world crushes upon your shoulders and you look around wondering how you can possibly get everything accomplished - let alone getting anything accomplished?

Then there are days where everything seems to fall into place, you can do three things at once with two hands, the world makes sense and your path is laid out clearly ahead of you.

Nothing changed between here or there.  Nothing I can put my finger on, at least.  It's just yesterday was crashing and today it is a landing as smooth as silk.  It's a feeling, a confidence, a knowledge of your capacity.

I wish I could bottle this feeling.  I need to draw on days like this.

Falling into place?  Naw..  It's gotta be Dragon.

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