People with problems with Alberta MEP

by Mark Zaugg 24. July 2012 22:35

I received a wonderful email today from a contributor to the conversation here at my blog.


"I have started a website page and facebook page looking for stories from others who have problems dealing with Alberta MEP. The website is and the facebook page is issues with albertamep. Would appreciate these being posted on your website. It would be very greatly appreciated. Thanks so much in advance.


It has only just begun, but I have joined tonight and intend to be an active, contributing member.  Please, if you have experienced problems with the Alberta Maintenance Enforcement Program and would like to see the entire program improved to be a respectful, effective organization go join and let's start the discussion on how to make things better for all of us.

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4/25/2013 5:17:23 PM #

  The system must change.I just had to go see my MLA in order to have someone to get back to me after over 50 attempts to talk to an actual person.Well someone is supposed to get back to me as I start my 5th hour of waiting for the phone to ring.  
The fines imposed will probably equal the small amount of money I fell behind on.It will not make my daughters life better to suspend the license of her primary form of transportation but since you can't talk to a person its hard to relay that information.Oh and most importantly a money order was sent covering all arrears over two weeks ago.Faceless and brutally efficient just what we need for bad people like me.

scott strehlen Canada |

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