How Much Carbon is Created by One Space Shuttle Being Launched

Today while watching CBC’s Power and Politics I saw a question flash by while Elizabeth May was being interviewed. Sadly, I’m not watching in high resolution, so I can only guess at the name of the questioner. I believe her name was Phyllis Brown Rouble - please correct me if you can. She asked: “can anyone tell me how much carbon is created by one space shuttle being launched into space and what damage is done to the ozone layer” [Read more from How Much Carbon Is Created by One Space Shuttle Being Launched...]

Cycle Tracks: An open letter to the Calgary Eyeopener

Dear Eyeopener, Earlier today Michael Stark did a opinion piece on why bicycles should not get separated bike lanes. It started poorly and went downhill from there. I cycle. I drive. I ride the bus. I walk. I commute back and forth to work, but also move around and about my neighbourhood a number of ways even when I’m not commuting back and forth to work. The point of travelling using multiple means of transportation is not to give an air of authenticity to my argument, it’s very much to emphasize getting around is much easier when I can travel in the most appropriate way possible. [Read more from Cycle Tracks: An Open Letter to the Calgary Eyeopener...]

UPDATE 3 - Cycling - Lance Armstrong finally admits to doping

If you know me, you know that I’m a big fan of cycling. Cycling is my favourite way of getting around by far. It’s my favourite exercise. It’s my favourite way to enjoy a warm summer evening. It’s my favourite way to put serious miles under my belt. It’s not my favourite sport. That’s football to watch, curling to play. I take my football CFL, thank you very much. So people who casually know I love cycling have been asking my opinion on Lance Armstrong. [Read more from UPDATE 3 - Cycling - Lance Armstrong Finally Admits to Doping...]

Commuting along 9 Avenue SE

I travel back and forth on 9th Avenue SE through Inglewood at least five days a week. Four of those five days I usually cycle, Fridays I typically drive. I tend to have pretty firm views on what works with the bus / bike lanes that were put in this past year. In the winter when the lanes were first put in, I was one of the few riding a bike along 9 Ave. [Read more from Commuting Along 9 Avenue SE...]

n-plus-1 bikes, inner tubes, spacetweeps and stress.

There’s a truism I’ve heard quite often lately about bicycles. No matter how many you own, you always need one more. I laughed when I first heard it. Quite loudly. Then the frame on my 20 year old Norco mountain bike broke while riding in the snow. I bought myself a new Trek 3 series regretting that it wasn’t the bike I really wanted to own. What I really wanted to purchase was a great road bike for city commuting on the roads, but it was cheaper and much more practical and reasonable to get a new mountain bike for my newfound year-long riding. [Read more from N-Plus-1 Bikes, Inner Tubes, Spacetweeps and Stress. ...]

To fail?

I’m starting to think that failure is seriously under rated. I tried to ride my bike out to Banff on Saturday. On Friday, just as I was planning my trip, I spoke with the neighbour who reminded me that it was a long weekend and most of the camping spots would be already occupied. So instead of being a day trip out and camping overnight, it became a ride out and back in a single day. [Read more from To Fail?...]

Letter to the Herald Editor re: Bow River Flow

In response to this editorial in August 25’s Calgary Herald. All I can think about right now is, “I didn’t run it through my editing process.“ I won’t fix the “where cars were cars were” below. I began as a detractor to the Bow River Flow. I saw no purpose to it and thought it only an inconvenience on a Sunday afternoon. I am, however, a huge fan of the festivals and the amazing spirit formed within Calgary through them. [Read more from Letter to the Herald Editor Re: Bow River Flow...]

Bow River Flow to Go

I need a wee little tweak on my rear derailleur. It’s just enough off that upshifting takes a moment or two to catch. I think about it every time I ride home and I forget about it every time I stash my bike in the basement and head upstairs to start dinner. The next morning I grumble to myself as I shift my gears and wonder why I didn’t fix it. [Read more from Bow River Flow to Go...]

Smiling and waving and riding through.

Here I go into another way-too-long post trying to get my thoughts established, but it bugs me and therefore I think it’s a worthwhile endeavour. The trigger for this is Tom Babin’s article here. Go take a little time to read it, it’s very worthwhile to go through. Even if you’ve read it, it’s worth scanning through again because I will doubtlessly refer to it. That is far from the only source I’m going to draw from, however. [Read more from Smiling and Waving and Riding Through....]

Bicycle vs. Car - an Argument With Myself

I’ve been becoming more vocal lately about pretty much everything. I’ll go right back to what I told you last year - I’m a smart guy, but I’m wrong about half the time. We count on it - that’s the basic fundamental principle of democracy: The majority of us will probably have the right answer most of the time. It’s not foolproof, but it’s as good of a starting point as we’ve found. [Read more from Bicycle vs. Car - An Argument With Myself...]