Lift the Hat. Lift the Stigma.

Hey Mack, I never knew you personally, but I’m learning a lot about you in snippets of stories. There’s no doubt that I like you a lot. We have a lot in common, I’m sure we’d be great friends. Let’s start with the hat. I started wearing a hat to stop my ears from getting sunburnt all the time. I love wearing a hat now. You loved yours, I get it! [Read more from Lift the Hat. Lift the Stigma....]

A crisis of morality

I hate having a crisis of morality. My four cornerstones are to be honest, to be trustworthy, to be fair (whatever that means) and to be respectful. I really, really hate to be called out when I don’t live up to my own standards - although I don’t mind so much when I see an act so egregious by someone else that I question my own stance and entirely change my attitude in life. [Read more from A Crisis of Morality...]

Dearest BlackBerry,

I’m up early, I’m in a thinking mode, I may as well blog. And with yesterday’s horrendous news about my beloved BlackBerry, I guess I better put in my two cents about the whole mess. First off, and let me put is as bluntly as I can possibly put this, I am not giving up my BlackBerry any time soon. I am not giving up on BlackBerry as a company, I am definitely not planning to go to any other phone. [Read more from Dearest BlackBerry,...]

Reflecting on a Dream

I have always known who Martin Luther King Jr. was. Always. In and of itself, that statement may not be remarkable. Dr. King was a powerful orator and a deeply driving force for civil rights in the USA. He had a great affect on millions of people, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics and millions of others not enumerated. Billions upon billions of people should know who Martin Luther King was. [Read more from Reflecting on a Dream...]

Make Helping a Habit

I am a fixer. I want to repair things that are broken. I want to right what is wrong. It’s part of why I value my career. Each and every day I get to fix something, or stop something from breaking, or make sure I can recover something in case of loss. It requires attention to detail, keeping yourself organized with good notes, and a lot of foresight. When I make a mistake in the foresight department (and I do that a lot! [Read more from Make Helping a Habit...]

Not buying into the intergenerational stereotypes.

Okay, if you’ve been here before you know I love to think about different ideas that come together and alter my view on the world. I especially love it when they take convoluted paths in order to get to me. It happens more than I generally like to admit, and when I come up with a groundbreaking idea, I love to share it. I’ve enjoyed reading Larry Dignan over the years. [Read more from Not Buying Into the Intergenerational Stereotypes....]

A day of AUGH!

The longer today goes on, the odder it’s become. It started off fantastic with a beautiful ride into downtown on Earth Day. No one can take that away. I explored and learned a small ton of awesome stuff at work. Load balancing? Yes, please. I’m more than ready to take it on. Tonight I got invited to a ContainR update. This is beyond cool, they’re trying to create the most amazing space imaginable in an otherwise fenced off, vacant lot. [Read more from A Day of AUGH!...]


“You’re quiet.” “You know me, I never have much to say.” “Yes you do! You just say it in other ways.” Thanks Jen, you’re right. The point I was thinking about last night when I stopped writing was the effect of the Alberta Party not being strictly Left or Right oriented. The most important point to me is one of inclusion. It doesn’t matter if I’m a fanatical debt averse, libertarian tinted, bleeding heart. [Read more from Inclusion...]

Dictum meum pactum

My word is my bond. It’s an important phrase to me. In a very important way, it represents one of the cornerstones of my life, indeed of my very personality. That particular cornerstone is trustworthiness. It means when I make a promise I’ll do everything I can to keep my promise. My word is my bond. It has some unusual side effects. Sometimes it makes me seem a little shy to make a promise in the first place. [Read more from Dictum Meum Pactum...]

Oaks and Apples - from Conversations with my Dad.

I had a rather mixed bag of ups and downs this weekend. Definitely beyond the usual range I usually bounce between. My life’s mantra is, “Balance in all things.“ It is so incredibly important to keep things smooth and level in rough seas. I’ll be the first to tell you, it gets bloody hard when you’re ripped with devastating blows down and irrepressible boosts up. Dad is playing bachelor this week, so it was one of those rare opportunities to have a real three generation men’s night together. [Read more from Oaks and Apples - From Conversations With My Dad....]