How Much Carbon is Created by One Space Shuttle Being Launched

Today while watching CBC’s Power and Politics I saw a question flash by while Elizabeth May was being interviewed. Sadly, I’m not watching in high resolution, so I can only guess at the name of the questioner. I believe her name was Phyllis Brown Rouble - please correct me if you can. She asked: “can anyone tell me how much carbon is created by one space shuttle being launched into space and what damage is done to the ozone layer” [Read more from How Much Carbon Is Created by One Space Shuttle Being Launched...]

Commuting along 9 Avenue SE

I travel back and forth on 9th Avenue SE through Inglewood at least five days a week. Four of those five days I usually cycle, Fridays I typically drive. I tend to have pretty firm views on what works with the bus / bike lanes that were put in this past year. In the winter when the lanes were first put in, I was one of the few riding a bike along 9 Ave. [Read more from Commuting Along 9 Avenue SE...]

Where are you looking?

When you are driving safely, you are looking to where you want to go. You should not look just in front of your vehicle. Surely you want to go farther than the 20 or 30 feet ahead of you. The faster you travel, the further you have to look ahead. You need more time to accumulate data and you require time to process that data into good decision making. Nor should you be fixating on your final destination. [Read more from Where Are You Looking?...]

Look Where You Want to Go

Here’s the blog I’m dedicating to Sly. I loathe “Reality T.V.“ From it’s tenuous grasp on reality to the puffed up ego monsters that tend to be attracted as stars for their hideous 15 minutes of fame, to the ridiculous assumptions that I have to watch and I have to have an opinion about people and events I couldn’t care less over. I do, however, love Canada’s Worst Driver and Canada’s Worst Handyman. [Read more from Look Where You Want to Go...]

Bicycle vs. Car - an Argument With Myself

I’ve been becoming more vocal lately about pretty much everything. I’ll go right back to what I told you last year - I’m a smart guy, but I’m wrong about half the time. We count on it - that’s the basic fundamental principle of democracy: The majority of us will probably have the right answer most of the time. It’s not foolproof, but it’s as good of a starting point as we’ve found. [Read more from Bicycle vs. Car - An Argument With Myself...]

We're learning.

So after going back to Pipestone Travel Store today I ended up riding north along McLeod Trail trying to get downtown as quickly as I could so I would make the 20 Minute Makeover. I just crossed over the C-Train overpass and was going downhill when I felt an odd wobble from my back wheel. That was strange, I didn’t spot anything, but the bike didn’t feel right. A bit further on I came to a gas station, flipped my bike over and pulled the rear wheel looking for a leak. [Read more from We're Learning....]

Construction Ahead. Somewhere. Maybe.

Okay, let’s pretend you’re driving along a pretty quiet road at 10:00 at night and you see an orange “Construction Ahead” sign at the side of the road. It’s late at night, you don’t see any lights on, you don’t see any equipment moving, you don’t see any people about and the entire area appears entirely absent of any signs of work happening. Ask yourself honestly, do you slow down? I’d like to think that, being Canadian, we’re all really nice, fine folks who always do the right thing. [Read more from Construction Ahead. Somewhere. Maybe....]

Save Calgary Racing

And you scraped my email from precisely where? Strange that this is the first I have received an email from the Motorsport Council of Calgary. I am certain that I have not given any consent whatsoever when my email address was collected that it would be used in this fashion. Regardless of my support for Race City, my choice for mayor must certainly go beyond a single issue. My choice for mayor will consider what is best for Race City as well as what’s best for the rest of Calgary at large. [Read more from Save Calgary Racing...]

Christmas in July

Ohmighod ohmighod ohmighod ohmighod ohmighod! I collected on my Christmas gift today. Waitasec… I don’t have it all out of my system yet. Ohmighod ohmighod ohmighod ohmighod ohmighod! 11:00 PM last night: At least the nights have cooled off. I ought be be able to get to sleep. > toss toss < > turn turn < 6:00 AM: Wide awake. Feeling fidgety and nervous. Check the weather. Scan my standard set of morning websites. [Read more from Christmas in July...]

Anti-Locking Brake Systems - bad, bad, (generally) bad.

ABS is one of my favourite rants ever. I’m not a fan. I don’t believe they alone make a car one bit safer than a car not equipped with them. Trever called me on it, I’m sharing the rant. Please note, I am not an automotive engineer and I am strongly biased in my opinion. It’s also my blog - I don’t have to be tactful, you can argue in the comments. [Read more from Anti-Locking Brake Systems - Bad, Bad, (Generally) Bad....]