The Full Buyer's (remorse) Experience

I know, I’m getting really curmudgeonly lately. I don’t think this is entirely my fault. My son’s Magsafe Apple Adapter finally completed it’s long, slow, death. Wait, tangent time right now: I love the Magsafe adapter. I love it beyond reason. It releases with enough of a tug that it has saved my computer from being pulled off a desk when someone trips over the cord. It comes apart cleanly from the computer so I don’t have to worry about the tip of the charger getting bent and no longer fitting into the laptop. [Read more from The Full Buyer's (Remorse) Experience...]

As It Happens - The Remix

My letter sent tonight to As It Happens: Hello Jeff, hello Carol. I doubt you’ll recognize me just from name alone. I’m the fellow that called in many, many years ago (maybe the 40th anniversary?) That alone might not give you much of a clue, but the next part will. I’m the dork that began reciting the phone number along with Barbara Budd. Four-one-six, two-zero-five, three-three three-one. I first noticed it when there was a guest host (Jeff, was that you? [Read more from As It Happens - The Remix...]

Organic food equally as nutritious as chemically treated foods

I’m feeling a little distressed over the tone that’s been set this morning over the study that states “organic” food is not any more nutritious than “non-organic”. The coverage almost has felt like we blew a hole through a mythical story that organic foods are so much better for us. That’s certainly not what the study means. Forgive me, but nutritional content is an interesting question by itself, but there were no shocking insights revealed. [Read more from Organic Food Equally as Nutritious as Chemically Treated Foods...]


Magpie You’re such an early riser Mapgie You’re such a bold chastiser Magpie Always waking up my wife and I You coyote in the sky I spoke with my neighbour not too many days ago. She was showing me the work she’d done in her garden, we spent a little time visiting, and the call of a magpie came from the tree overhead. “Looks like the magpies have moved into the old crow’s nest. [Read more from Magpie...]

I need to bottle a bit of Dragon fire.

Perhaps it is SpaceX’s Dragon making a splashdown after a picture perfect flight today. Perhaps it is anticipation with catching up with an old friend. Perhaps it is having my dad back in town and being able to talk face to face. Perhaps it’s a pile of little things going right. Perhaps it really is Directed Change. You know those days where it’s completely overwhelming, the world crushes upon your shoulders and you look around wondering how you can possibly get everything accomplished - let alone getting anything accomplished? [Read more from I Need to Bottle a Bit of Dragon Fire....]

n-plus-1 bikes, inner tubes, spacetweeps and stress.

There’s a truism I’ve heard quite often lately about bicycles. No matter how many you own, you always need one more. I laughed when I first heard it. Quite loudly. Then the frame on my 20 year old Norco mountain bike broke while riding in the snow. I bought myself a new Trek 3 series regretting that it wasn’t the bike I really wanted to own. What I really wanted to purchase was a great road bike for city commuting on the roads, but it was cheaper and much more practical and reasonable to get a new mountain bike for my newfound year-long riding. [Read more from N-Plus-1 Bikes, Inner Tubes, Spacetweeps and Stress. ...]

Finding love in Costa Rica.

There were several “Bests” of Costa Rica. Best joke flying down: “I don’t think we’re in Kansas any more.” Best befuddled moment: Meeting Juan Jose for the first time and getting our orientation. Best bus driver ever: Juan Carlos Best place to stay: Tortuguera Best ocean: Both of them. Honestly. Best boat pilot: Primo. Best guy to make sure I get a good photo: Primo. Best kindred spirit: Primo. Best surprise of the trip: This tweet. [Read more from Finding Love in Costa Rica....]

Customer Service - the Wild Goose Chase edition

I try really hard to not be an asshole. Granted, I’m not perfect and it takes a lot for me to lose my cool these days. Fortunately. I know I’ve got a temper and I try really hard to keep control over it. I try especially hard to stay calm around this time of year. Line ups get long and nerves get frayed for the best of people. I make no apologies for being scroogy right about now but I genuinely try not to be a dick to anyone else just for the sake of being a dick. [Read more from Customer Service - The Wild Goose Chase Edition...]

A balance in all things

My ghod, I sound like a whingey, morose bastard these days. Life is fantastic. I have my plan laid out for the summer, for the fall, for the winter. My path is clear, my days are busy, I’m seeing progress on almost everything that’s been burning my ass that I haven’t seemed to be able to get on top of lately. I’ve alluded to all this lovely positive change happening around me and I’ve been talking tl;dr, dark and gloomy. [Read more from A Balance in All Things...]

And the blog ended, not with a bang but a wimper.

Except it didn’t really end. And if you listen really hard, you may hear that wimper is really more of a high pitched whine. In fact, you’re probably asking yourself “Just why did he choose to upgrade today of all days?” The answer is simple. Clearly I don’t have enough on my plate right now so I need a couple side projects to keep me occupied. All the old stuff is still here, somewhere. [Read more from And the Blog Ended, Not With a Bang but a Wimper....]