Calgary's Joint Encampment Team (JET)

I haven’t written in a while now. But tonight I discovered something truly incredible within this city I love. First, let me commend my Councillor Gian-Carlo Carra and his team for getting an invitation out to me through his Ward 9 Newsletters. If you live in Ward 9 in Calgary, I encourage you to sign up for it. I find it interesting, informative, and worthwhile to receive. You can get on the list at https://www. [Read more from Calgary's Joint Encampment Team (JET)...]

Mayor in 2017

One thing I was really looking forward to was the showdown this year. Even before the election was on I was asked, “What do you think about Chabot running against Nenshi?” Not to spoil the punchline, but Nenshi has absolutely met my expectations and I have absolutely not a single hesitation endorsing him again. I have a good view of Councillor Chabot. I absolutely dislike everyone else in the race. [Read more from Mayor in 2017...]

Vapour lock at City Hall? The 2017 edition.

Back in 2010, I figured I had my city council vote figured out when Dave Bronconnier decided not to run again. I was quite frustrated with what seemed to be constant fighting between the aldermen (as they were known at the time) and my sense that city council was lost in the wilderness and not accomplishing what it should. There was one guy on city council that stood out to me: his nickname was “Dr. [Read more from Vapour Lock at City Hall? the 2017 Edition....]

So you want to be a Calgary Band Parent?

Well, chances are, you may or may not want to be an actual “band parent” but maybe your child is interested. There are a number of routes to getting here. If you’ve played in a marching band while you were growing up, you’ll probably already know much of what I’m talking about and this is probably not meant for you. But if your child comes home clutching an application to join the band and you don’t really know what you’re in for, I want to share some of my experience over the past three years to encourage you to say, “Yes, absolutely you can join! [Read more from So You Want to Be a Calgary Band Parent?...]

Cycle Tracks: An open letter to the Calgary Eyeopener

Dear Eyeopener, Earlier today Michael Stark did a opinion piece on why bicycles should not get separated bike lanes. It started poorly and went downhill from there. I cycle. I drive. I ride the bus. I walk. I commute back and forth to work, but also move around and about my neighbourhood a number of ways even when I’m not commuting back and forth to work. The point of travelling using multiple means of transportation is not to give an air of authenticity to my argument, it’s very much to emphasize getting around is much easier when I can travel in the most appropriate way possible. [Read more from Cycle Tracks: An Open Letter to the Calgary Eyeopener...]

A funny thing happened on the way to the nomination...

At the end of 2013 I really enjoyed reading an interview Jason Markusoff published with Naheed Nenshi. (Full disclosure, I love Jason Markusoff mostly because a) his last name starts with “Mark”, b) he covers Calgary City Hall so I read his column regularly and c) he attended the Jane’s Walk I hosted.) My favourite part of the interview was this exchange: CH: Is there a dream job out there for you, though? [Read more from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Nomination......]

Dziadek's Tie Pin

This is my grandfather’s tie pin. Dziadek’s tie pin. It is beautiful and my favourite memento of him. I know it was a gift to him. It is real gold, I have no idea the quality, and has six birth stones set in a circle. I don’t even remember which belongs to whom. One is Dziadek’s, one is Babcia’s. Two are for my uncles, one is for my Aunt. One is for my Mom. [Read more from Dziadek's Tie Pin...]

Make Helping a Habit

I am a fixer. I want to repair things that are broken. I want to right what is wrong. It’s part of why I value my career. Each and every day I get to fix something, or stop something from breaking, or make sure I can recover something in case of loss. It requires attention to detail, keeping yourself organized with good notes, and a lot of foresight. When I make a mistake in the foresight department (and I do that a lot! [Read more from Make Helping a Habit...]

Provide Proper Flood Maps Now

The difference between ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ is an uncrossable chasm. But the difference between ‘right’ and ‘kinda right’ can be a very, very large gap too. I’ve spent the past couple of days trying to reconcile the details from over the past month. It’s been tough, it’s been inspiring, it’s been hot and sweaty work followed up with sweet refreshment. The flood has unquestionably been unprecedented. No one has seen a flood this bad before, this was truly major. [Read more from Provide Proper Flood Maps Now...]

Building Resiliency Through One Positive Action Every Day

Why do I believe in doing one thing every day to make Calgary a better city? It isn’t because I have had a long abiding love of the city. If you do not know the story, I was planning on staying in Calgary until 2018 and then leaving it behind for good. “Calgary had become too big, too unfriendly, it had lost touch with what it what it had been,” I once thought not too long ago. [Read more from Building Resiliency Through One Positive Action Every Day...]