So you want to be a Calgary Band Parent?

Well, chances are, you may or may not want to be an actual “band parent” but maybe your child is interested. There are a number of routes to getting here. If you’ve played in a marching band while you were growing up, you’ll probably already know much of what I’m talking about and this is probably not meant for you. But if your child comes home clutching an application to join the band and you don’t really know what you’re in for, I want to share some of my experience over the past three years to encourage you to say, “Yes, absolutely you can join! [Read more from So You Want to Be a Calgary Band Parent?...]

To Gordie and the Hip, with deepest love.

Gord Downie will almost certainly never read this, but if he does, what I’d most like to say to him is this: Gordie, baby, I know exactly what you mean. Well, in fact I don’t and never really did. But I’d love to tell you something special and precious and as dear to my heart as I can possibly get. For years I have heard people discussing what “New Orleans is Sinking” really meant. [Read more from To Gordie and the Hip, With Deepest Love....]

As It Happens - The Remix

My letter sent tonight to As It Happens: Hello Jeff, hello Carol. I doubt you’ll recognize me just from name alone. I’m the fellow that called in many, many years ago (maybe the 40th anniversary?) That alone might not give you much of a clue, but the next part will. I’m the dork that began reciting the phone number along with Barbara Budd. Four-one-six, two-zero-five, three-three three-one. I first noticed it when there was a guest host (Jeff, was that you? [Read more from As It Happens - The Remix...]

That Damned Magical Weekend

Some days are magic. I’m not talking about just a good day or a really fun day. I very much mean a magical day that surpasses all expectation, a day that defies explanation, a day that forever changes your world and leaves you a better person at the end of it. A day that revisits you over and over again to return even more gifts and blessings to you. I’m not talking about a day that defines me as a person, although I’ve certainly had those. [Read more from That Damned Magical Weekend...]

Four Strong Winds

Okay, I’m working on this reputation of long, rambling, hopefully meaningful or descriptive blog entries and giving quite the skewed perception of who I am as a person. I’m going to fix that a little tonight. I’m giving you two dimensions of myself. I had to run out to do a couple errands this evening, so I hopped in the car and thought I’d flip over to the hockey game when I got sidetracked by Randy’s Vinyl Tap. [Read more from Four Strong Winds...]

Remembrance Day 2009

Life has been so turbulent in the past few months, and particularly the past few weeks, that it’s been a huge struggle lately just to keep my feet on the ground. There are a few things I can count on. Remembrance Day has long since been one of the rocks I can rely on to tie my kite down. Most years I try to take notes and kinda keep track of highlights and particularly good moments or thoughts that are presented. [Read more from Remembrance Day 2009...]

A little self indulgence.

Sorry for flubbing “Tomcat Prowl”, Doug, but don’t you just remember the time I nailed “Nobody But Me”? Takin’ it Day By Day, Mr. Bennett.

Getting back on that little red wagon and shooting the lights out.

You’ll be happy with what I give you and you’re going to like it. Damn it. Let’s start off with my pal Loudo. Yeah, I’m singing along. I expect you to sing along too. And for some real strange reason I wanna go to Little Rock.  Next day was a little bit of Santana Magic ™ by Carlos ®. Bella. It’s muy bellisimo. Then we go to the incomparable Willie P. [Read more from Getting Back on That Little Red Wagon and Shooting the Lights Out....]