So you want to be a Calgary Band Parent?

Well, chances are, you may or may not want to be an actual “band parent” but maybe your child is interested. There are a number of routes to getting here. If you’ve played in a marching band while you were growing up, you’ll probably already know much of what I’m talking about and this is probably not meant for you. But if your child comes home clutching an application to join the band and you don’t really know what you’re in for, I want to share some of my experience over the past three years to encourage you to say, “Yes, absolutely you can join! [Read more from So You Want to Be a Calgary Band Parent?...]

People with problems with Alberta MEP

I received a wonderful email today from a contributor to the conversation here at my blog. “I have started a website page and facebook page looking for stories from others who have problems dealing with Alberta MEP. The website is and the facebook page is issues with albertamep. Would appreciate these being posted on your website. It would be very greatly appreciated. Thanks so much in advance. It has only just begun, but I have joined tonight and intend to be an active, contributing member. [Read more from People With Problems With Alberta MEP...]

Finding love in Costa Rica.

There were several “Bests” of Costa Rica. Best joke flying down: “I don’t think we’re in Kansas any more.” Best befuddled moment: Meeting Juan Jose for the first time and getting our orientation. Best bus driver ever: Juan Carlos Best place to stay: Tortuguera Best ocean: Both of them. Honestly. Best boat pilot: Primo. Best guy to make sure I get a good photo: Primo. Best kindred spirit: Primo. Best surprise of the trip: This tweet. [Read more from Finding Love in Costa Rica....]

The call of the birder

Mom loved travel. She loved meeting people in her travels. I’m much more shy than her, she’d be openly stepping forward, saying hello, talking about shared interests and being her gregarious self. I really liked Costa Rica and the people I travelled with were all incredible. I feel a little strange since my daughter and I tended to sit by ourselves more than I would have chosen in retrospect. One of my best social moments of the trip was when we were riding up the escalator in Houston about to go through screening and some of the kids from our tour spotted us and waved goodbye furiously. [Read more from The Call of the Birder...]

Sentimental Journey

Goona take a sentimental journey Goona set my heart at ease. Goona make a sentimental journey To renew old memories. Doris Day, eh? I honestly didn’t know that. I actually hear my mom singing it in my mind. In some respects, Mom and I are very opposite people. She loved travel, I’d much rather stay at home. I love science and technology, she tolerated as little as was required to get what she wanted done. [Read more from Sentimental Journey...]

Stars above San Jose

I have a whole lot of blog entries to write. Some of them are funny. Some of them are thoughtful. Some of them are written. Some have yet to be formed into meaningful sentences. Many are political. Some are astronomical. I will try hard to use proper hashtags so you know what to expect in advance. This one is about astronomy on a different spot on the globe. It was originally written March 24 in San Jose, Costa Rica. [Read more from Stars Above San Jose...]

I can see that....

Okay, it’s time for the exciting part. We’ve talked about the packing, the shots, the odds and sods along the way. Now I get to show off the cool stuff. Every once in a while I get asked about which telescope I’d recommend for a budding astronomer. Generally people know that I love looking at the sky, I’m a geek, and therefore I have a lot of knowledge of the tools of the trade. [Read more from I Can See That.......]

Renewal in another place.

I’m really burnt out. I can feel the restlessness. The lack of clarity and concentration. The short temper and intolerance for other people’s stupidity. I’m really, really burnt out. Yeah, you’ve sent me an email lately and I haven’t responded. I’ve got somewhere around 600 emails piled up right now, about half of which I actually WANT to read and maybe a third I want to scan through. Of the half I want to read, I’ve probably got about a third of those I want to reply to. [Read more from Renewal in Another Place....]

Bow River Flow to Go

I need a wee little tweak on my rear derailleur. It’s just enough off that upshifting takes a moment or two to catch. I think about it every time I ride home and I forget about it every time I stash my bike in the basement and head upstairs to start dinner. The next morning I grumble to myself as I shift my gears and wonder why I didn’t fix it. [Read more from Bow River Flow to Go...]

Balance in time for the weekend

I strive hard for balance in all things. It matters a lot to me in general, it matters more when I realize I’m going manic depressive. I work pretty hard to keep an even keel when I notice things going out of whack. The week started wonderfully. A continuation of the last few weeks where everything I touched turned golden. Then Thursday happened. Then Friday followed Thursday and was a complete kick in the teeth. [Read more from Balance in Time for the Weekend...]