Dismiss Robin Camp now.

“Lady Justice is an allegorical personification of the moral force in judicial systems. Her attributes are a blindfold, a balance and a sword… Since the 15th century, Lady Justice has often been depicted wearing a blindfold. The blindfold represents objectivity, in that justice is or should be meted out objectively, without fear or favour, regardless of money, wealth, fame, power, or identity; blind justice and impartiality.“ - Wikipedia   Scales of Justice, Vancouver Law Courts. [Read more from Dismiss Robin Camp Now....]

Lift the Hat. Lift the Stigma.

Hey Mack, I never knew you personally, but I’m learning a lot about you in snippets of stories. There’s no doubt that I like you a lot. We have a lot in common, I’m sure we’d be great friends. Let’s start with the hat. I started wearing a hat to stop my ears from getting sunburnt all the time. I love wearing a hat now. You loved yours, I get it! [Read more from Lift the Hat. Lift the Stigma....]

A funny thing happened on the way to the nomination...

At the end of 2013 I really enjoyed reading an interview Jason Markusoff published with Naheed Nenshi. (Full disclosure, I love Jason Markusoff mostly because a) his last name starts with “Mark”, b) he covers Calgary City Hall so I read his column regularly and c) he attended the Jane’s Walk I hosted.) My favourite part of the interview was this exchange: CH: Is there a dream job out there for you, though? [Read more from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Nomination......]

Positive change is far overdue in Alberta's child welfare system

When Karen Kleiss and Darcy Henton wrote their Fatal Care series, I felt devastated, sad and very angry. I knew I had to write about my feelings over it, I had no idea what to say or even how to go about saying it. Now there are further details of deaths outside of the parameters of the Fatal Care series. The deaths of 741 Albertans troubles me deeply. I’m appalled they were children or young adults. [Read more from Positive Change Is Far Overdue in Alberta's Child Welfare System...]

Reflecting on a Dream

I have always known who Martin Luther King Jr. was. Always. In and of itself, that statement may not be remarkable. Dr. King was a powerful orator and a deeply driving force for civil rights in the USA. He had a great affect on millions of people, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics and millions of others not enumerated. Billions upon billions of people should know who Martin Luther King was. [Read more from Reflecting on a Dream...]

Understanding appropriateness

I’m ashamed to say I’ve raged on this topic before and I’m saddened that I’ll rage on it again. And so it goes on, and once more I blather into the void that is blogdom. And I’m okay with that. I’ll point out again when I started this blog it began as a place for me to throw up photos to share with my family. It’s went through a whole lot of change since then - now instead of my Mom being my target reader, the me of the future is my own target reader. [Read more from Understanding Appropriateness...]

The Expense Game

Expense accounts. You’re think that the very phrase was self explanatory. It’s an accounting of the expenses you incurred in order to perform your job. I don’t submit my expenses to drive to work. I don’t submit my expense for my morning coffee. I’m not a great fan of the office coffee, so I get my own tea. If someone else brings in a box, I’m grateful, but I don’t get upset when I buy it myself. [Read more from The Expense Game...]

I judge the judges. We judge the judges.

Editors note: The Op-Ed section of my blog is both new and old. Make no mistake, my blog is my opinion, my happenstance and circumstance, my experiences, my joys, my beliefs, my favourite mistakes and my foolish nonsense. It’s a place to have my say and monitor my own development of thought. It has always been so. I have also strayed to regions of great seriousness and importance of varying significance. [Read more from I Judge the Judges. We Judge the Judges....]