The Full Buyer's (remorse) Experience

I know, I’m getting really curmudgeonly lately. I don’t think this is entirely my fault. My son’s Magsafe Apple Adapter finally completed it’s long, slow, death. Wait, tangent time right now: I love the Magsafe adapter. I love it beyond reason. It releases with enough of a tug that it has saved my computer from being pulled off a desk when someone trips over the cord. It comes apart cleanly from the computer so I don’t have to worry about the tip of the charger getting bent and no longer fitting into the laptop. [Read more from The Full Buyer's (Remorse) Experience...]

Dearest BlackBerry,

I’m up early, I’m in a thinking mode, I may as well blog. And with yesterday’s horrendous news about my beloved BlackBerry, I guess I better put in my two cents about the whole mess. First off, and let me put is as bluntly as I can possibly put this, I am not giving up my BlackBerry any time soon. I am not giving up on BlackBerry as a company, I am definitely not planning to go to any other phone. [Read more from Dearest BlackBerry,...]

Introducing the ZarQ10

I picked up my BlackBerry Q10 from the post office last night. Tore it open in the parking lot in order to view it in all it’s splendor, then rushed straight home to begin the transition. It came with a letter that advised me to call my mobile provider (Telus for me) in order to make the transition. That’s opposed to making the change over online. Great, I backed up my Bold 9900 then made the call from my old phone (I haven’t had a landline in five years). [Read more from Introducing the ZarQ10...]

Understanding appropriateness

I’m ashamed to say I’ve raged on this topic before and I’m saddened that I’ll rage on it again. And so it goes on, and once more I blather into the void that is blogdom. And I’m okay with that. I’ll point out again when I started this blog it began as a place for me to throw up photos to share with my family. It’s went through a whole lot of change since then - now instead of my Mom being my target reader, the me of the future is my own target reader. [Read more from Understanding Appropriateness...]

Implicit conversion vs. Explicit conversion

I went through the DBA programme at SAIT. I’m rather proud of what I’ve accomplished, I only wish I got to use it a lot more. I really love Oracle, it sings to me for a whole bunch of reasons. The structure is beautiful. Laying out a tablespace across spindles is the sort of thing that makes my heart cry out with joy. Sure, it’s a pain in the ass. I particularly love the ORA-03113 error. [Read more from Implicit Conversion vs. Explicit Conversion...]

Distressed from the Disregard

I love No, really, I love it. A whole lot. I love the people I’ve met there. I love the ideas I’ve shared there. I love the things I learn and the links I dig up. The whole environment is exactly what I like. The only thing that will make me fall out of love with twitter is… Twitter itself. I tweet long and often. I retweet any time I read something interesting or like something or laugh at something. [Read more from Distressed From the Disregard...]

A tale of two laptops

Last Thursday or so, my Lady-love brings in her laptop and says, “It’s wrecked. Fix it, you sexy geek of +3 studliness.”* “Uh-oh,” I think to myself. She pulls it out of her bag, I see a hinge standing straight outwards and a shower of broken plastic bits where the outer shell used to be. Crap. I hate fixing laptops. It’s bloody impossible without just getting entire new parts. May as well just go buy a new one that’s modern and up-to-date rather than fixing it or you’re guaranteed to be toting around a decrepit piece of junk that’s patched together with bailing twine and horse gum. [Read more from A Tale of Two Laptops...]

An email regarding Conficker

Hey Claude, I’ve got good news, good news, and more good news for you. 1. The way that conficker works is by attacking a bug that was known in Windows but was not patched by the computer’s owner. Fortunately, I’ve spoken with the bozo that patched your computer and he assures me that he did, in fact, patch your system with all patches that were available on the day that he worked on it. [Read more from An Email Regarding Conficker...]

Who am I not?

One of the weird things that’s been happening the last few weeks has been the seeming implosion of people’s computers around me. My philosophy is that people should feel free to use their computers without fear that they’ll bust something or screw something up or do their banking on-line and instantly lose their life’s savings. I think you have to be in the stock market to do that still. The problem with this is that people get a very disjointed view of what I actually do at work. [Read more from Who Am I Not?...]

I Can't Stand Still

“I feel the frustration In this funky old city tonight. There’s a pack of dogs on the lawn And they’re hung-a-ry for a bite.“ Ah, the new year. Time for reflection on what’s transpired and rumination on what is to come. What did I do last year for my pseudo-contemplative musings? Oh, right. Nothing. I was going through the cold-soon-to-be-pneumonia with the side trip of “Does cancer run in your family? [Read more from I Can't Stand Still...]