Unwanted flyers are starting to burn my butt..

by Mark Zaugg 9. August 2012 19:40

To:  xxxxx@calflyerforce.com

cc: xxxxxxx@calgaryherald.com

Subj: Stop delivering to my home!


My name is Mark Zaugg, I live at <redacted>.

I have an 8.5 x 11" sign that says "No Flyers" at my front door.  It replaces the 4x6" sign that said "No Flyers Please" at my front door.


Still I continue to have flyers and Neighbours delivered.  I have no recepticle for flyers, so they litter my balcony, my porch, my lawn, my neighbours lawn when the wind blows, my entire block when the wind blows hard and I'm tired of cleaning up your unwanted litter that's been left behind.

Please stop!

I have confronted two delivery people and told them I am not interested in getting Neighbours or flyers of any sort.  I have been wasting my breath because I am still getting unwanted junk.


I have tried to be patient and polite, but I am rapidly losing my patience under the mounds of unwanted debris and detritus that goes straight to recycling without being read.  Assuming I haven't chased it across half the entire neighbourhood first.


Show a little respect to my sign, show a little respect to me, show a little decency to my neighbourhood and a little understanding of my view of the wasted resources involved in producing and distributing unwanted and unread advertisements.

Barring that, please show respect to your advertisers by informing them that I actively avoid any business that, through their own action or yours, leaves unwanted advertising and flyers on my porch.  The ignorance displayed by your delivery people is directly costing them business.

Have I been clear?

  - Mark


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