And the blog ended, not with a bang but a wimper.

by Mark Zaugg 18. June 2011 00:29

Except it didn't really end.

And if you listen really hard, you may hear that wimper is really more of a high pitched whine.

In fact, you're probably asking yourself "Just why did he choose to upgrade today of all days?"

The answer is simple.  Clearly I don't have enough on my plate right now so I need a couple side projects to keep me occupied.

All the old stuff is still here, somewhere.  Hopefully I didn't break all the links.  Like I care that much.  I'm really apathetic as far as my blog is concerned.  "Know thine audience," I always say.  In my case, my audience consists of spastic monkeys who got here by mistake, spammers trying to promote their vapourous wares, and you.  You're special, it's all the other nutbars that are crazy.  But you, you are my angel of sanity in a festering lake of chicken skat infested cowpies.

And I love you most of all.

Thanks for coming back.  The nurses should be arriving in about 20 minutes with the huggie coats.

  - Mark


Change is the only constant.

Welcome to the semi-exciting new look, same crappy blogger.

All comments are still moderated, I'll approve everything that isn't spam or offensive.  Agreement with His Dorkasaurus is not necessary.

What has changed is that I don't have 1000 junk accounts clogging up the system that I have to go through one by one.  Yes, you too can set up an account and no longer need to wait for me to notice you posted.  Completely optional.

As always:  Have fun, be respectful.


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