Think you know about software licencing?

  • August 28, 2006

I’m putting up a couple quick hits tonight. 

Professionally, I’m both a DBA as well as a Systems Administrator

Yes, I fix computers.  I try to be better than the kid outta high school, but I’ll tell ya, schools today can pump out kids every bit as smart as when I graduated.  And I’ve become a crotchety old fart, so you can trust me, right? 

I do contract out my services.  I work often with small businesses, individuals, and I particularly enjoy working with non-profits.  I meet a lot of nice people, I try to break even, and I give the very best advice to avoid having repeat customers.  I sincerely want people to have computers that do work for them.

I advise using free, simple anti-virus software.  I highly advise anti-spyware.  There are options that fit everyone’s needs, which are affordable, effective and easy.  I work hard to ensure my clients are complient with software licences.  Sometimes it creates MUCH more work for me to make a client complient, but I prefer to be able to safely say they are absolutely free and clear with their licencing complience.

SO…  I spot a piece from Ed Bott.  It’s a quiz from July.  “How much do you know about Windows Licensing?“  I consider myself to be a professional, so I didn’t allow myself any wiggle-room.  I got it right or wrong.  No weenie-words allowed.

I got 9 of 18.

How are we possibly going to stay legit with the convoluted licencing schemes getting thrown out there?

I can’t wait until the day saner licencing comes along.  I prefer Open Source or similar licences, but for now I’m happy they’re just out there to keep the ‘Other Guys’ ™ honest.