Twibates and Promises Kept

Aldermanic Twibate tonight, and I’m so excited! 

I was in and out, and mostly did not attend, due to a very important prior commitment I made.  But I kept my eyes on it as much as possible. 

From my whistle tour evaluation, I’m very pleased with how it turned out.  I’d like to have seen more participants, of course, but I have a really good feeling for the candidates at large.  These Twibates are really, really positive for me - you can get your views in front of many hyper-involved people in a short period of time.  I’m proof - we will engage and be active.

Will it win you the election?  Nope.  But it will help to get you noticed.  And any way to initiate rapid contact in an election is a good thing ™.

The first full day of the official campaign and all my thoughts today go to two promises.

Naheed Nenshi promised to disclose his donors.  He has, and with that I announce I will not be renouncing him the day after he earned my endorsement.  :-)

The other promise kept was Barb Higgins released her answers to the Twibate.  A week late and a little vague, but she did fulfill her promise and I give her full credit for that.

Still, it re-confirms that I’ve made the right choice in candidates.  This is how Nenshi shows integrity, and I feel at home here.