Top 10 things I don't get about Calgary's municipal election

10.  How a candidate could come into this election sitting on a warchest of donations gathered under different rules. 

9.  How aldermen who created the election sign law couldn’t abide by it.  Alternatively, how candidates who hope to become aldermen don’t seem to understand it. 

8.  How you could put yourself up as a “fringe” candidate in order to express a differing point of view and not show up at the forums to express yourself.  Alternatively, how you could put yourself up as a “mainstream” candidate and not espouse your opinion at every forum possible. 

7.  How “American-style” election means mean-spirited mud slinging.  C’mon, that’s a bit of an over-generalization - isn’t it? 

6.  How poorly traditionally “right” winged candidates have fared in a traditionally “right” city.  It’s no secret that I was won over by Craig Burrows actual numbers and plan ahead.  I felt there was much more room for small-c conservative discussion in a field of 15 candidates. 

5.  How I could have no idea who Wayne Stewart was before this election.  He’s a very impressive guy and I am very proud to have shaken his hand - even if he scowled at the button I was wearing.   

4.  How we obsessed with chickens, bridges, tunnels and racetracks through this election.  Alternatively, how we obsessed over them at city council the past three years. 

3.  How losing a vote as solid as mine was not a horrific wake up call to my initial candidate of choice.  Perhaps he just wasn’t listening? 

2.  How you can sleepwalk through the campaign with a lack of clear policy, then throw it all together in a couple weeks while riding it out on name recognition.  Alternatively, how you could let your campaign take on such a different face than the face for which you are publicly known. 

1.  How anyone can listen to Naheed Nenshi in person and not feel that they have had a very friendly conversation with a person who wants the very best for the city that he loves.