Mayor Nenshi

Honestly, I wasn’t sure he was going to win. 

Honestly, I thought it was going to be the closest race for mayor I’d ever seen.

Honestly, tonight I said we were living in Recount City. 

I spent some time reading through my first posts.  The ones where I thought I’d take a cue from DJ Kelly and be more active in this election.  The ones where I realized that a broken city council was the biggest problem we faced.  The ones where I first realized my initial pick did not represent where I wanted Calgary to go.  The ones where I pondered how city council needed to get moving forward and stop getting high centered on speed bumps.  My early thoughts about what we needed in a mayor, council and ideas to move forward.  My earliest opinions on candidates.

The formative ideas when I was plotting my course.  How stupid was it when I said, “[Nenshi] will need every twitterer he can get to overcome 66% apathy.“  Prophetic, perhaps?  That doesn’t sound like me.

We’re looking at over 50% turnout.  We’re talking a lot of turnover in City Council.  I’m not sure all of it is for the better - the problem wasn’t necessarily with the people but with their interaction.  We’re talking a seismic shift as council swings to the right.  We’re looking at an interesting future ahead.  Frankly, there’s an unappetizing trial ahead left behind from the previous council, Nenshi’s got his work cut out for certain.

And so I’ll let my thoughts go back to where it started with me and ponder the Bow River Flow and let my thoughts be peaceful.  Let the ripples swirl in my mind to think, “We have allowed it to happen.  We have made it possible.  Now we have to turn it into something amazing.”

It was a lot of work.  You’re going to have to be a special candidate to make me want to do it all over again.

[email protected] @chimaincalgary We’ve got a city to make better.  I’m on side.  To whom do I report tomorrow?

Many, many thanks to Lori and Roy and Rachel and Nancy and Ashley and James and Wayne and Stephen and Peter and hundreds of others on #TeamNenshi on twitter and the faces I recognized in the crowd but don’t have names for.  This one’s for all of you.