Team Tammy Maloney

I genuinely did not expect to write this entry.  Let it serve as many lessons.  Circumstances change.  People change their minds.  It’s important to help when you see an opportunity. 

Yesterday Tammy Maloney asked me to assist her with her campaign for the leadership of the Alberta Party.  I have enthusiastically accepted the role. 

I think that Tammy saw enough ability in me to compliment her formidable abilities and help with her campaign.  I want Albertans to see in her the energy, enthusiasm and optimism she brings to the table.  Through her ideas and vision ahead I believe all Albertans will benefit. 

I want to be perfectly clear:  I value Chris Tesarski and Glenn Taylor most highly.  Both are stellar people, full of the brilliance and insight, and have the characteristics and*** character*** I demand in a leader.  I know there are others about to enter the race, I’m certain they will meet the standard of excellence that has been set.  Every candidate running as our leader has shown courage, compassion and our most treasured talent, the ability to truly listen.  The are all superb people with exceptional leadership.

I encourage you to get to know our candidates and decide for yourself.  I encourage you to join the Alberta Party and make a difference in our province.