I'm ready for my holidays now....

  • May 22, 2007

“Honey, did you get the gardening done?“ 


“Did you go shopping for the stuff you needed?”


“Did you get the renovations completed?”


“Did you do the laundry?  Take out the garbage?  Start the dishwasher?”

“Nope, nope and nope.”

“Did you do anything to lift a finger around this place?”

“Not really..”

So much for dream vacations.  Although I haven’t much to complain about.  My Lady-love was as wonderful as ever.  She was quite insistant that I do relax at least a little bit.  So I’m looking at the list I accomplished.

  • Yardwork, done in spades (pun fully intended).  Does the yard look great?  Well, it’s managable.  That’s a good start for the year. 
  • Renovation projects?  Completely untouched both of them.  Win some, lose some. 
  • Shopping, I did far too much and got considerably over-wound from it.  Sorry, Lady-love, I’ll try to not do that. 
  • On Runescape I wasted pretty much my whole time spent playing this week to get a damned gout tuber in order to finish the last quest.  On the bright side, I’m caught up on quests.
  • GPS has been bought and I’m up to 7 geocaches found.  I’ll log them tomorrow and get caught up.  Plus I picked up a travel bug this week.  I’ll choose where to set it free sometime over the weekend and loose it again. 
  • Paperwork, uh-oh.  My plan on that was to do it yesterday and today to gear myself back up.  Instead we…
  • Invited a friend over.  We met up with my Lady-love’s sister Saturday, I got to visit with Babcia for a bit, and I spent some time with Plankbo and CAMZ.  And the bonus that I’ll pester Bug in the near future to catch the McKenzie Brother’s special.
  • Reviewing Time Management for Sys Admins, completely untouched.  Bah, I’ll be bussing tomorrow with my iPod and probably book in hand.
  • I didn’t even do warm ups for Tai Chi.  Considering I’m still uncertain if I’ll go tomorrow at lunch or not, I feel kinda lousy over that one.
  • Update the blog a little.  Well, I got somewhat regular updates done, I’ve added a few people to the blog roll, and I have a bunch more I forgot about (sorry, kids, I’ll get you in there when I remember).  Oh, and I’ve updated the “News” box to keep track of how badly my Lady-love spanks my bottom playing Cribbage.  That’s gotta count for something, ja?
  • Going out for lunch or something…  Err…  Lady-love?  How’d I do?

Looks like I mostly covered my bases.  I’m satisfied at least..  Perhaps not relaxed, but they’ll probably let me through the door tomorrow.

Let the games begin anew…