A postcard to the ISS

  • December 19, 2012

@NASA:  Want to wish the crew on the #ISS a happy holiday? Send them a postcard: go.nasa.gov/hOuaAI

Dear ISS Crew,

Every single day you inspire me.  Every single moment you are up there I am grateful for your work.  Your effort.  Your science that makes my life better.  Your photos that make me gasp with amazement.  Your videos of playful personal time.  Your efforts to reach out to children and excite them to learn about our beautiful world.  Your efforts to reach out to adults like me who crave the experience of being with you.  Your efforts to reach out to every citizen of earth with the peace and understanding you exemplify among your crew.  Thank you for making my world better.  Thank you for being amazing role models.  And thank you most of all for being true heroes I can look up to.

Always waving as you pass over

  - Mark “Zarquil” Zaugg