I fear I am Canada's Worst Fan

  • December 17, 2012

Okay, maybe I’m not the worst.  I’m just waiting to graduate.

Actually, if you’ve been around here before you know that I am, in fact, a huge fan of both Canada’s Worst Driver and Canada’s Worst Handyman.

It took me a while to catch on, but the first time I watch Canada’s Worst Handyman I laughed a lot, learned an awful lot, and realized that I well and truly belonged on the show.  I keep hoping that I’ll smarten up a lot by watching the show, taking a deep breath, reading the directions and then tackling the project methodically with planning every step of the way.  Quite frankly, I’m not there.  Take my curling rink - I couldn’t level the area well enough.  I didn’t staple the liner securely enough which may have helped, but it sprung a leak, I’ve had to break up the ice and once I get a 2x12” to mitigate the slope I’ll get to try it again.

I have a couple of points.  The first is the episode “Concrete Ideas” from Canada’s Worst Handyman 5 was shown today.  It’s unquestionably my favourite episode of the entire program for so many reasons, mostly to teach me to be more supportive and to teach me when things get overwhelming I need to do Simon’s breathing exercises and help my blood pressure down.

The other point is that after 6 seasons of Canada’s Worst Handyman, I still haven’t got it right and I still have a more to learn.

Last season I blogged on Sly’s understanding of the number one rule of driving, “Look where you want to go.“  I believe it truly is a mantra and it’s a critical aspect to having a successful life.  Set your goals and work to accomplish them.

We set goals, we don’t have destinies.  It takes work, it takes practice, it sometimes takes lessons and directions.  Canada’s Worst Driver is not about making fun of bad drivers, it’s about teaching drivers good driving habits and reminding us, the viewers, about the skills and abilities that we must dedicate ourselves to mastering in order to become better drivers, better handymen or just plain better people.

Now that I’ve buttered up the folks at Proper Television, I’m still going to emphasize that after eight years of TV, I still don’t have all the lessons learned.  Last week, the experts decided to send Margherita home as a graduated (and presumably rehabilitated) driver.  I know they’re the experts, not me, and I understand there’s a whole lot that happens during filming of the show that we don’t see.

My argument is that if I, after eight years of watching and learning, have yet to piece it all together and have a grasp of a perfect life by it’s tail, I simply cannot believe that Margherita could piece it together in the day or two it takes to put together an episode.  Improvement takes time, hard work and applying those lessons learned on a daily basis.  One or two days won’t cut it.

Which reminds me of why I’m writing this right now.  Simon’s breathing exercises?  Yeah, I’m remembering to do that right now.  They’re helping me keep calm and stay productive.  I needed to be reminded again tonight instead of it just coming to me naturally, so I’ve got a bit to go.

Finally, you bet your bumper, you chance your carburetor, you gamble your gas pedal I’ll be watching the final for Canada’s Worst Driver in half an hour.  May this show never end until every Canadian driver is a safe Canadian driver.