Our First Step

Alberta Party, I support you.  I stand amongst your numbers.  I believe in your principles and work towards your aims.

We have created something this province has been lacking.  We formed in response to a need.  The need for a government who is in touch with Albertans.  A need for a political process that’s more respectful towards Albertans.  A need for citizens to feel that their voice matters to government.

Others have responded as well.  Some have formed the Wildrose Party.  Others have chosen to work towards changing the PC Party.  Some have stayed steadfast to the Alberta Liberal Party or Alberta’s NDP.  I welcome them all.

Tonight amongst the parties it is all about win or lose.  Tomorrow it needs to be about good governance.  Good representation of the needs of all Albertans.  Good decisions about our collective future.  I am proud in our party for it’s campaign of doing things differently, of working towards collaboration and problem solving.  We have staked out a unique area this election by trying to find creative ways to express our message, even during times we were excluded from televised debates or left off polls.  We have created something astounding, something meant to last beyond an election or two.

The foundation of the Alberta Party is rock solid, built upon people who are earnest, trustworthy and forward thinking.  We are also based upon the notion that the other parties have been built by people who are earnest, trustworthy and forward thinking.  Our fundamental principle is that good ideas can come from anywhere, and we’ll support a good idea regardless of where it originated.  We debate the merit of ideas rather than tear down the image of others.  Stay true to that goal.

We will encounter growth as our message resonates.  We want to attract Albertans interested in a positive change in government.  Remember as we build to honour our principles of local engagement, of respect towards differing opinions, of accepting positive ideas.  Our growth in the past two years has been astounding, our growth in the next two years should continue along the same trend.

Get involved.  Stay involved.  Donate time and money.  Form constituency associations.  Talk with neighbours.  Stimulate ideas.  Nominate candidates.  Talk with your MLA.  Learn the processes.  As the newest party we have a lot of work ahead of us, but the rewards are great and the people alongside you are fantastic.  Let’s keep building our own legacy.  This election is only our first step.