Letter to the Herald Editor re: Bow River Flow

  • August 26, 2011
In response to this editorial in August 25’s Calgary Herald. All I can think about right now is, “I didn’t run it through my editing process.“ I won’t fix the “where cars were cars were” below. I began as a detractor to the Bow River Flow. I saw no purpose to it and thought it only an inconvenience on a Sunday afternoon. I am, however, a huge fan of the festivals and the amazing spirit formed within Calgary through them. Read More

Smiling and waving and riding through.

  • August 16, 2011
Here I go into another way-too-long post trying to get my thoughts established, but it bugs me and therefore I think it’s a worthwhile endeavour. The trigger for this is Tom Babin’s article here. Go take a little time to read it, it’s very worthwhile to go through. Even if you’ve read it, it’s worth scanning through again because I will doubtlessly refer to it. That is far from the only source I’m going to draw from, however. Read More

Bicycle vs. Car - an Argument With Myself

  • June 30, 2011
I’ve been becoming more vocal lately about pretty much everything. I’ll go right back to what I told you last year - I’m a smart guy, but I’m wrong about half the time. We count on it - that’s the basic fundamental principle of democracy: The majority of us will probably have the right answer most of the time. It’s not foolproof, but it’s as good of a starting point as we’ve found. Read More