Yellow Fungus on a Red Planet

  • June 14, 2011
We huddled together around the small mound of ruddy brown soil scooped harshly into a low hewn mound. It had been a week, we were no closer to understanding why we were still alive. Miraculously and mysteriously, we were. Every night the fungus returned, the small mushroom-like tendrils reaching upwards towards the cold, distant sun. Every night we collapsed with cold and exhaustion face down upon the ground, pleading for merciful release. Read More

A Problem, But Never a Panic

  • June 12, 2011
“Refinery? Or science fiction? #melbourne ” Andrea crested the rise, climbing over the last small ridge and drawing into view of Luna Corp’s massive Cabeus Lunar Refinery. In the distance she could see the particulate matter lazily drifting back to the lunar surface and wispy clouds of volatiles released in the process of turning frozen water to rocket fuel. She exhaled a gigantic sigh of relief, no longer worrying about the extra load on her suit. Read More