Practice the skills to get you there..

  • December 10, 2011
Look where you want to go. We’ve established it as a good idea for driving and a good idea for life. For all the looking you do, it will not be helpful unless you have the skills to take you where you’re looking. Canada’s Worst Drivers regularly smash into obstacles in front, behind, and to the left and right of themselves. Sometimes the show gets criticized for putting the drivers into an impossible situation that is far and beyond the capabilities of a typical driver. Read More

How in the hell do I define this?

  • June 22, 2011
They’re out there. You’re out there. You’ve surrounded me. Even those of you who don’t know you’re doing it, you’re there. I explained a bit about Group before. The real accomplishment was sharing the tiny gems of stories, getting the little tidbits of wisdom out. The tiny lessons that give you coping skills and the power to change bad choices for good ones. Tonight the futility I’ve been feeling was understood, explained, and banished through the explanation of where I’m going, of who I’m becoming. Read More