Turning a corner on the flood?

  • June 26, 2013

Wow, Calgary.  Your volunteer spirit is astounding.

The turnout and willingness to do good has been overwhelming.  Many blocks are now considered “under control”.  We are starting to reach the point where we can take a longer term approach.  We still need volunteers, there is much to be done, but a change in focus is soon approaching.

We still require volunteers to empty basements of goods and take down drywall, but not as many as before.

We require volunteers to ensure home owners get the help they require.  Please be sure you’ve read the “Arriving Home: Flooding in Calgary” guide.  A pdf copy can be found at www.cocnmp.com/eoc/ArrivingHome2.pdf  Please be sure you have read and understood the guide.  Home owners may feel overwhelmed by the loss, be sure to give them proper information.  If you do no other task, reading this booklet is the single most important.

We need people to ensure all the homeowners get the help they need NOW while volunteers are plentiful.  One home I was in Monday was immaculately cleaned, but the home owners did not realize the drywall was unsafe and had to be removed.

We absolutely need people to report back who needs help.  Report the details on our “Requests For Volunteers” page.

We need people to help the home owner record lost and destroyed goods.  A pen and pad of paper is every bit as important as a hammer and crowbar now.  If you can take photos and share them with the home owner, please do so.

“But I’ve made all these sandwiches!“  Thank you!  Keeping our volunteers fed has been a mammoth task and you’ve done well.  If you have unused food donations, keep them in your fridge for a rapid response tomorrow.  If you will respond to a call, please let us know so we can share the food among all volunteers in the city.

There is much more to be done, but everyone needs to catch their breath once in a while.  If you’ve been out to help, consider resting.  There are literally thousands wanting to play a role right now.

The one thing we really need right now are fundraisers.  We have to get a lot of people back on their feet.  Please consider a donation every single bit as valuable as coming out to help now.  Calgary needs the help.  We will rise to the occasion.  Plan one, attend one, donate now.  Let’s build for tomorrow.