CivicCamp 3D - Promises to Ourselves.

by Mark Zaugg 9. December 2010 19:31

Last Saturday I have the extreme pleasure of attending Civic Camp 3D - an opportunity for Calgarians to come together and find ways which they could make our city better. 

One of our objectives was to break into action groups and amongst our groups come up with a 140 character promise to our city in how we would enact positive change.  My wish was that on Monday I would be able to tweet (as @BetterYYC) a link to the compiled list of tweets both for posterity's sake and as a way that my fellow Calgarians could find ideas they could help accomplish.

No one had actually compiled the list yet, so I've taken what I could find from searching the #civiccamp3d hashtag, put them together in the following list according to the name of each action group.  Unfortunately, the newly put together Education action group did not appear to get their 140 character promise tweeted.  Hopefully the group leader(s) will spot this and post it.

I ask that someone from Civic Camp please crosspost the following to


Civic Camp Action Group Promises

1.  Great Public Spaces group - hashtag #greatyycspaces

Great Public Spaces will create a map of potential public spaces to engage Calgarians starting with a walking tour. #civiccamp3d

2.  Governance group - No hashtag yet

Governance Group: Promote open, responsive, participatory governance at all levels and in all areas of civic life. #civiccamp3D

3.  Land - Food Connection group - No hashtag yet.

We'll have food conversations, learn about the work of local food orgs & promote opportunities through civic camp network. #civiccamp3D

4.  Teen Voice group - hashtag #teenvoiceyyc

Teen Voice promises to bring the youth of Calgary together to empower each other and their communities. #civiccamp3d #teenvoiceyyc

5.  Policy and Planning group - No hashtag yet.

Policy cabin goal: Create a collaborative, citizen-driven, inclusive policy planning protocol for #civiccamp3d

6.  Transit group - No hashtag yet.

Execute citizen solutions to schedules, routes, bike partnerships, fares, and smart transit cards. #civiccamp3D

7.  Community Outreach - No hashtag yet

Support community associations with grassroots engagement by delivering CivicCampInABox. And go to meet 5 people in our 'hoods! #civiccamp3D

8.  Open Data group - hashtag #yycdata

Demand Open Data, build and promote tools and processes to use it. #civiccamp3d (Open Data action group)

9.  Civic Campus action group - No hashtag yet

To inform Calgarians about the workings and intricacies of the city and create an info hub. #civiccamp3d

10.  Transportation group - No hashtag yet.

Promote integrated private and public bike, motor (incl. taxi) and walking solutions that work for today and the future #civiccamp3d

11.  Rivers and Watersheds group - No hashtag yet

Restore our ntrl river system flows & water quality thru public educ & action. 1st step meet ~jan15. Educ re issues and opps #civiccamp3d

12.  Campaign Finance group - hashtag #yycfr

We promise to bring mandatory accountability to elections & candidates through stronger campaign finance rules #civiccamp3d

13.  Financing Infrastructure group - No hashtag yet.

Align infrastructure investment w/ vision & values of all calgarians ... and meet within a week! #civiccamp3d

14.  Vibrant Urban Villages - #vibrantyyc

We commit to join, engage & recruit people 2 our CA's to promote and champion the concept of Vibrant Urban Villages. #CivicCamp3D

15.  Senior Friendly Development group - No hashtag yet.

#civiccamp3d Encourage the respect of the elderly & improve quality of life through funding and ideas. Conversation, research & engagement

16.  Education group - No hashtag yet.

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