There comes a time in everyone's life they must ask a very particular question.

I’ve looked at this for a very long time and had to ask myself, “How can I make it faster and easier to update my content?  How can I post the zillions of photos of the kids I take on a semi-regular basis and publish them with little to no effort?  How can I consistently show off my arrogance for the world to come drooling at my feet like little school children?”

After looking at myself long and hard in the mirror, I have seen what I have become.

“My ghod!  I’ve become…  a blogger.”

Yup, aversion to the sunlight, an obsession with not only doing wierd crap, but also making sure the world knows all about it, and an overregulated sense of urgency to spew opinions about just about everything I know nothing about.  Oh yeah.  I love myself today.

Theoretically, it’ll be easier to disseminate news about me and my world.

It just makes me want to scream from the mountains, “Sorry, ladies.  I’m taken!”  My goal is to have a readership of 2 by December.  You know, besides those of you who HAVE to read regularly.