SCOX, SCOG, litigeous bastards, SCOldera, bankrupt

Don’t worry, they’d never be irresponsible enough to run the whole company into the ground. 



Okay, I’ve chosen my side on this a long, long while back.  I’ve very firmly opposed to any of the vitriol spewed out by The SCO Group.  I would call it nothing less than a long series of lies, mistruths, disinformation, misinformation, and other activities inappropriate to doing business.  I won’t be serving on a jury for those bastards for a while.

I’m clearly an Open Source kinda guy at my roots and I’m very rah-rah on Linux in general.  It’s an amazing operating system with stability, security and flexibility.

The best part of Linux - truly the very pinnacle of the best - is that Linux is developed out in the open.  I could make a change in any single piece of the code and submit it as the very core of Linux. 

Linus Torvalds would be silly to do anything other than reject it outright, but it’s at least potentially possible for me to include my work for the world to benefit.

So how could the SCO Group ever have gotten away with claiming that their code had been improperly included in the Linux codebase?  How could they come up with this horrible litigeous mess that’s been dragged through the mud for years? 

The answer is they couldn’t.  They have yet to declare the code which supposedly infringed.  They’ve put together a long-running losing case in from of Judge Wells and Judge Kimball.  They’re not dead yet, but they’re running out of money quickly and they have severe concerns of staying viable.  The dip and dodge of bankruptcy protection will not save them from this tailspin.

This is far from over, and bankruptcy was a terribly predictable step in the process.  But eventually they are going to lose having taken down the good name of the original Santa Cruz Operation which was a good company.  Shame on Darl and the gang.

At the risk of making a suggestion, how about making good software that people want to run because it gives them huge advantages in their business environment?  Or is that passe now?

In the meanwhile, I highly recommend Groklaw as a source for all sorts of interesting details and insight into technology and the law.  It’s not a celebration yet, we haven’t been able to put the last nails in this coffin, but I need to point out that this light at the end of the tunnel that’s appearing out there was noticed a long, long while ago thanks to Pamela Jones and the good folks at Groklaw who have meticulously watched the whole circus.