Okay, I'm a little behind...

I’m getting around to the classics eventually.  We got The Demolished Man by Alfred Bester last week and I’m just past half-way through. 

One of the themes the main character Reich uses (to avoid telepaths) is a catchy song. 

“What’s the most persistent tune you ever wrote?” “Persistent?” “you know what I mean.  Like those advertising jingles you can’t get out of your head.” “Oh.  Pepsis, we call ‘em.” “Why?” “Dunno.  They say because the first one was written centuries ago by a character named Pepsi.  I don’t buy that.  I wrote one once…“  Duffy winced in recollection.  “Hate to think of it even now.  Guaranteed to obsess you for a month.  It haunted me for a year.” …

It was the quintessence of every melodic cliche Reich has ever heard.  No matter what melody you tried to remember, it invariably led down the path of familiarity to “Tenser, Said the Tensor.”

Oooookay, that resonates with me.  And what are the lyrics to the song?

Tenser, said the Tensor. They’re the modern stone age family. Tension, apprehension And dissension have begun.

Help me.  Get it out of my head.  Help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!