It's okay... I'm alive.

Mostly alive.  Not feeling great, but I’m still kicking. 

Pneumonia really takes a kick at the ol’ body.  I’ve been struggling off and on with a cold since January.  The pneumonia kicked in a little over a month ago and pretty much levelled me. 

The worst of it all was sleeping upright in a chair for three weeks.  A recliner, sure, but I couldn’t recline at all lest the pressure in my chest send me into a wheezing fit.  I had the concentration span of Ooooh! Shiny!  At least I got a bit of time in re-reading Jack White’s books. 

Now, three weeks after some heavy duty anti-biotics, I feel merely that I’ve got bronchitis again.  My respiratory specialist (who has been wonderful) informs me that I’ll be back to normal in no more than three or four months.  *coff*  Thanks Doc.  How are we coming along on that cyanide flavoured cough syrup?

Well, no fear.  I’m recovering and having a tub of probiotic yoghurt (yogourt, yogurt, yoghourt) each and every day.  Mmmm….  yoghurt.  But I have to ask myself, why are we going half steps with all this probiotic yoghurt stuff?  Why not go whole hog and just eat some raw hamburger for some E. coli?

Clearly I must be getting better.