I just flew in and boy are my knees achey.

What’s the point of doing something stupid if you can’t share it for the world to see, right? 

I’ve officially began my Couch to 5k programme.  I’m tired of the high blood pressure and I figure it’s time I put my foot down.  One at a time.  I have to say, “officially” since I have been working on getting my activity level up for a while after the pneumonia.  But although I feel my lungs getting stronger, my weight’s continued to climb (along with the aforementioned blood pressure). 

The biggest part of a couch to 5k programme so far has been getting off the couch.  The dog and I went up Nose Hill this evening, he seemed to have an easier time at it than I did.  The pedometer says we covered 3.3 km today.  We’ll see who stiffens up tomorrow.. 

I’m giving myself 6 months.  I mean, what Canadian in his right mind would start this before winter?

One request:  Could I get Kramer’s Bro in a format large enough to hold in my beer belly?