Music to go to work by... The "I can't possibly do THIS on youtube" edition.

One of the best parts of having eclectic musical tastes is that I can say with pretty solid confidence that I’ve got something in my music collection that no one else has ever heard before. 

The downside it’s that it’s bloody hell trying to find everything I want.  And if I can’t be finding it to buy, I won’t be finding it on youtube to share. 

In fact, I haven’t even found a damned mp3 sample to share, let alone the whole song. 

The best I’ve been able to come up with are a few pretty nice reviews and some background links to the band where you can get CD’s.  It’s hardly worthy for one of my truly favourite albums ever recorded. 

I first saw Tamarack when they played at the Bow Valley Music Club many years back.  (Probably ‘96 or ‘97.)  Tamarack was the band that re-invigorated my love of music in ways that were both new and old.  Their music aligned my past and my future, embossing Canadian history and storytelling on my heart, and involving me in the folk music scene.  I consider James Gordon a personal friend these days, and Alex and Molly are always welcome in my world.

“Maple Syrup” is fantastic in the sense that it starts off with an accordion then brings in Alex’s awesome vocals.  The song is whimsical and urging and it makes you feel like you’re strolling from tree to tree hauling buckets and syrup.

Get up Billy and don’t be late Already Mom has got the pancakes on the plate. She says there’s lots of work just waiting to be done Spring blew in, the sap is running and

Chorus: Dad says this year the weather’s just right Warm bright mornings and cold clear nights. This time we’re going to get a real bumper crop Tap that flow and it ain’t never going to stop.

Well I love to watch my dad as he harnesses the team and skids the stone boat over the still-frozen stream Hauling buckets and barrels out to the wood lot Where sap flows from spiles drop by sweet, sweet drop


Well the team knows the way to pull a sled around the track We dump the buckets in the barrel, haul the barrel to the shack The evaporator’s steaming with an ember glow, It’s almost time to try to make some taffy in the snow.


Well my mom stays close all day and all night So she can pour off the syrup when it stirs just right She says she can tell by the feel of the ladle But Daddy says that Mama’s blood is one-quarter maple


When we finally go to bed and we say our evening prayers I can still smell the wood smoke and the maple in our hair And the bubbling of the syrup in the pan so rich and deep Lingers like a lullaby as we drift off to sleep

[Chorus] x2

One of those songs that just makes me happy to hear it.

My Thursday edition is a local artist who I think deserves far more accolades.  At least I can find Tim Hus on youtube.  And he’s got a new CD coming out.  YAY Tim!

Of course, I haven’t found the actual song I was listening to, but I don’t have to guess on the lyrics.  (By the way, what the hell is a “spile” and do you know how long I actually looked to find out what the word could have been?)

Give me one more oil boom before I die!  Well, we had it.  Hope you kept more or less sane through the last boom, but don’t worry, we’ll have another one sooner or later.

Promise to track you down and see you live again soon, Tim!  Maybe I’ll catch you at the Brier.