A few days of catchin' up to do

Well, three days to catch up on, anyways.  And since I’m still at work (8:30 at night and I haven’t left yet…  Eesh.) 

First, let me start off with Mineral by Buffalo Tom.  Buffalo Tom is one of those bands I knew absolutely nothing whatsoever about until my buddy Todd slid them across my desk.  Worse, it’s one of those bands that just stayed in the back of my consciousness until it played by random and I had one of those, “Who ARE these guys?” moments.  Fantastically cool band.  Give ‘em a listen. 

Next is an old standby.  “Well,” I think to myself as I walk through the doors, “At least I won’t have a hard time finding this on youtube.  (The better copy won’t let me embed.  Jerks!)  Mmmmm, eightieslicio..  Err..  Nope, sorry.  Never did it for me. 

This mornings I’m shaking my head over thinking, “I’m never going to find this one on youtube.“ 

Bill Carter, we still love ya big time!