One step too close to the ghod-awful truth.

First point tonight is to clear off last week’s entry in the “Music to go to work by.“ 

I like a long of music, spanning a lot of classifications.  Funny, folky, freaky, groovetastic.  Yeah, baby.  The nice thing about being eclectic is that it’s hard to come across something I don’t like - so long as I keep off the superhighways of music’s drudgery.  The down side is that I’m really hard pressed to say what my absolutely favourite song is. 

Well, my absolute favourite song is usually, “The one that’s playing.“ 

However, one of the songs that perpetually bubbles near the top of my list is the Rheostatics “Rain, Rain, Rain” from “Whale Music.“  Fantastic song, amazing everything, two references to it on youtube, neither of which give a good feel for what the song actually is.  Meh.  No link for you.  If you don’t know the song - you’ll have to dig it up yourself. 

The first part of mention is that the song itself starts with handclapping emulating the sound of a rainstorm.  It’s amazing.  Then Martin sings (in his soaring, scratching voice)

I’m feeling really down     Today I’m feeling really     Under the weather And it is no problem, or lack of pleasure.

It’s just the weather.

Rain keeps coming down     Around And I can feel the     Low (low, low) pressure Whenever that it stops, it turns to ice

I’m feeling really down.

‘Cuz rain, rain, rain’s coming down, down, down Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain’s coming down on the ground. Rain, rain, rain keeps coming down Rain, rain, rain.

Whenever it’s like this     People Always want to     Pass the buck But I don’t even give…

I’m feeling really…

I’m feeling really     Guilty. I’m feeling like I’m     Owing money But I don’t even know anybody

I’m feeling really down (down)

Feeling good, feeling bad, feeling indifferent, I ***always ***feel better after hearing this song.  A gem amongst gems, and quite possibly, the song with the best claim to my favourite song ever.