Tricky? Wooooooo!

Gotta start with yet another song I’m not going to find on youtube.  Wednesday was “Stone Horses” by Junkhouse.  I’m a little saddened that I didn’t find it, because “Stone Horses” counts as the one song that I most wish I could have written.  So far, at least.  It’s in my vocal range, it sounds dark and cheery and whimsical all at the same time and it’s just a gem of a song.  I bow to Tom, there’s no one like him anywhere. 


This morning’s a song for when you need a little pick me up first thing in the morning after a long night of poking and prodding at ancient hardware not worth fixing. 

All right! 

How can I possibly explain this?  Nope, I can’t.  This is what I’m doing on the inside every single time I listen to the Woo!  There is no way you can listen to this stuff without feeling energized and king of the world.

But really, what is it with that guy in the background?