Hi, my name is Mark and I'm an insufferable Fredhead.

Let’s start with Monday: 

What can I say about Fred?  Let me just start with, “I love ya, man.  Pass a beer.“ 

With the bonus of Willie P. Bennett on camera, genius, star, personal hero and a genuine gem of a man.  My son got to shake Willie’s hand a few years back.  I told Willie that Kelley was a fan literally every day of his life.  Willie, gentlemanly as he was, enthusiastically shook Kelley’s hand and said, “It’s nice to meet you, Kelley.  I’ve never met someone who’s been a fan all his life before.“ 

Tuesday goes back to the Rheostatics and “Mumbletypeg” from Night of the Shooting Stars.  I was a late comer to that album, and it’s sure grown on me. 

No youtube video, but in a completely unrelated by anything but the name of the song, let me introduce Frank Fotusky.  I found it through a search for mumbletypeg and he’s awesome in  an entirely non-Rheostatic way.  Or perhaps the Rheostatics are awesome in an entirely non-Fotusky way.  I’m listening to his “Trouble in Mind” as I type this – I love this accidental finds.

And today goes to Ruthie Foster with “Woke Up this Morning.“  I’m not sure if I actually woke up this morning or not, but it’s hard to not get moving with this driving you on.  Love you too, Ms. Foster.

After those three, I’m looking forward to what tomorrow will bring.