A little music in the morning.

I didn’t write down what the song was last Thursday, and I charged my iPod last night, wiping out the list of songs.  I figured I’d have to write it off as an “oops.“  Then riding the bus home tonight, I heard another Sloan song and it clicked. 

Back when I was bopping along to the saccharine cuddle pop of Cub, the other band worth it’s hype was Sloan.  They were hugely popular on RealTime, and have obviously had wonderful staying power.  Come to think of it, they remain on of my favourite bands I’ve never seen live.  Pity. 

Here is 500 Up. 

Monday goes back to the great Fred Eaglesmith featuring Willie P. Bennett playing, “49 Tons.“  Come to think of it, isn’t that a Willie P. Bennett original right there? 

This morning goes back to the New Pornographers.  Since the Ennis Sisters were the first band to repeat, I ought to mention Challengers is the first album to repeat.  Do I stop when I have a song repeat?  No worries yet, this morning was “The Spirit of Giving.”