Are you really gonna?

There’s a goodly pile of stories I can tell about Bill Henderson. 

I’ve met him many times now, I’ve worked with him on occasion, and he continues to impress me as a really nice guy to be around. 

The very first rock and / or roll I’d ever heard was when my Dad came home with Chilliwack cassette - Wanna Be a Star.  I played that poor thing to death, I’m sure.  It was clearly one of the most influential albums ever in my life, I’m sure it holds a great deal of explanation behind the brain damage before you. 

Well, the first time I’d met Bill I was tongue tied trying to explain just how big of an effect his music had had upon me.  He kinda laughed and asked, “What’s all this in the past?“ 

It wasn’t in the past, it was just a re-connection with something that remains very important to me.  Much of my musical taste was formed by Bill Henderson - both in and apart from Chilliwack - and remains so to this very day.

This morning’s song was “Are You Really Gonna Walk Out?” and is actually from “Look In, Look Out”.  Naturally, no youtube on it. 

You know, if I’m going to just randomly post something else Chilliwackian, I’m going to throw up one that I really, really love.  I could use a little more belief right about now anyways, and I love the live videos.  This is from Wanna Be A Star.