My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:

Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair! 

This week I’m Shelley.  What ya goona do?  I must be poetic. 

Starting off last Monday, I started off with The Who’s “The Seeker.“  Pete Townshend is one of the masterful songwriters.  I dug up a recent version, too.  For some reason, in my memory Daltrey had a Hawaiian shirt or had some kind of surfer look going on when they played Calgary.  Good rocking. 

Last Tuesday was Proposition 61 by the Most Serene Republic.  I love these guys, I’d really like to catch them live.  They’re another unique band with a distinct sound all to themselves.

Wednesday was Earth Day, wasn’t it?  How about something appropriate:  The Planet from Hans Theessink.  No audio of this one, but let me paint a picture in your mind.  Hans is a Dutch blues player who plays delta blues.  He’s an absolutely amazing guitarist and a must see when he comes through.  In the album I’ve got, he has Jon Sass playing tuba - including one of the apocryphal tuba solos!  Fantastic musicians all.

Up on Thursday I go back to The Soundtrack of Our Lives with  Nevermore.  They were on here before with “In Your Veins”, this is much more indicitive of why I like TSOOL.

And how about I finish off with today’s music, which is that great epic, “Clam Caravan” by Spinal Trap.  Can’t beat those guys, but we know just how anal they are about posting anything up on youtube.  Great band, but David, Nigel and Derek are such humourless prigs.  Well, if I can’t find what I want to play, you get dosed with a blast of bass.  Enjoy!