Getting back on that little red wagon and shooting the lights out.

You’ll be happy with what I give you and you’re going to like it.  Damn it. 

Let’s start off with my pal Loudo.  Yeah, I’m singing along.  I expect you to sing along too.  And for some real strange reason I wanna go to Little Rock. 

Next day was a little bit of Santana Magic ™ by Carlos ®.  Bella.  It’s muy bellisimo.

Then we go to the incomparable Willie P. Bennett.  Willie lives in my heart forever.  The song was Willie’s “This Lonesome Feelin’”, but not finding it on youtube I replace it with one of my absolute  favourite songs he ever wrote.  Willie, you’re a giant amongst legends.  This makes me wanna go paint the town..  Err..  Red.

Then we go back to some Bowser and Blue.  It’s short.  You’ll love it.

Next is Joe Walsh with “School Days” from “Ordinary Average Guy.“  Am I seriously the only guy in the world that liked that album or something?  Thhbt.  No youtube for you.  Say it with me, Weber.  “Joe Walsh, the only Eagle that matters.“  Attaboy.

Lastly, I’m going to end again with the Rheostatics, but instead of the Rheostatics themselves, I’m going to include a cool little video I fell across tonight and instantly loved.  It is a treasure.  You are very star, Sirant!