The Vista in Novemba is Mainla for the Buisnessa

And while I’ve been talking about the browsers, I notice that Microsoft is releasing it’s newest operating system Vista to businesses at the end of the month.  Regular people will be able to get it at the end of January 2007.

It’s been pushed back to a November 2006 release date.  Nice to see they’re squeezing it into this month.  (They have plenty of egg on their face because they’ve been so late with this - and they still probably deserve plenty of ribbing.  But they also deserve some credit for getting it released at the end of the month.)

I am not testing Vista.  I don’t have the hardware, likely no one will be making the jump until they get a new computer unless they’re really serious about it.  Business-wise, I don’t expect to see our customers moving to it for about a year anyways.  We’re just starting to see people using SQL Server 2005 (most are using the SQL Server 2000 version).

But it’s coming too.  And if you thought I was complaining too much about the interface in IE7…  Well, we’re seeing the changed based on the changes coming in Vista…

Stay tuned, I’m sure it’s going to be bumpy.