I’ve got about a thousand things worth mentioning. 

Let me start off by loudly cheering:  I got my Who concert CD’s. 

This is a brilliant concept, one who’s time should have come 30 years ago, really.  Put on a show, sell a copy of the show to the fans who want one.  Packaging can be minimal, overhead can be very small, fans are happy and it’s the end of bootlegs when you can get a high quality copy straight from the sound board. 

Or so the theory goes.  Seems to me the music industry as a whole tends to be a little bit backwards.

Well, like they have for all these years, The Who HAVE got it right and they sell a copy of each and every concert through The Music.com.  Mmmm…  Had I unlimited cash, I’d be all over the roadcases.  Please, people, don’t ever let me get that rich.  (snicker)

It’s fabulous, I can remember the show, the thrill of being there, the joy of seeing the Who with my lady-love.  I’m even more convinced, it took Roger Daltrey a few songs just to warm up and start sounding really good.  Not that I’m complaining one bit - what an absolutely fabulous concert.

Even now I’m convinced.  Best straight-ahead Rock ‘n’ Roll show I’ve ever seen.