Site status

I just want to let everyone know, you’re doing GREAT. 

I’m pretty much certain that I account for 92.6% of my traffic. 

And 7.1% of my traffic are people lost on the information traffic jam.

That leaves precisely 3 visits I can’t account for who haven’t been forced to be here or who haven’t been searching for “fuzzy orange fetish” or some such.

And I know that at least one of them came from Trever.  And Brian made a reference, so I suspect he’s one of ‘em.  And I discovered an old buddy’s blog.  (Actually, Art, I was at your blog before I knew it was you…  Strange things, this world.)

I just want to say unequivalently that I have failed in my quest to achieve two readers by December.  My ego is in check!  I am the greatest blogger ever!!!!!!

Geez, I need that in annoying colours or something, don’t I?

I have no life, and I must scream.