Sunday Night Special

I don’t intend to post Sundays-only.  It’s just working out that way right now. 

Life is too ratsofrassin’ hectic right now.  It’s not the holidays - although they are certainly dumping on the pile.  It’s more than kids and job and life - that’s a constant in this world. 

My lady-love has said a couple times in the past month that she’s ready for a solid vacation.  After spending a little time looking up the meaning of the word “vacation” I’m becoming more and more inclined to agree.

I’m starting to ache, I never seem to get a full night’s sleep, my brain never spins down, I’m hardly playing Runescape..  Is it just me, or is the whole world feeling like they’re just hanging on by the fingernails?

Kids and I went to Heritage Park for the 12 Days of Christmas today and another chunk falls off my camera.  I’m shaving last night and I’m greeted with the sound of my razor popping, heating significantly at the handle, and surrounding me with the faint odour of ozone.  It feels like everything I’ve kept marginally running has suddenly collapsed and screamed, “Uncle!”

I’ve played Scrabble with Brian a few times over the past month and it helps relax my brain and shift gears a little.  Still, I’m about ready to take a good long breather and just wind down for a while.

One gift to get still, and I think I have it planned.  I hope my new razor lasts at least as long as my old one did.  I figure a little contact cement will keep my camera shooting photos until summertime.

Now all that’s left is to start on my paperwork from two years ago and figure out the best way to refresh one’s soul.  Ennis Sisters, Gordie Sampson or BB King?