My Day in less than 15 minutes of typing.

I woke up after staying up late to strike at the Music Club I volunteer with.  (Issue #1: Arts scene in Calgary)  Make a pot of coffee, catch up with a bit of #yycvote.  Rock skimming the pond detail today. 

I drive down to my Dad’s in Ward 9 to pick up my kids. (Issue #2: Traffic and Issue #3: Too many improperly placed campaign signs)  We drive back home so I can shower, get addresses, and grab another cup o’ goodness.  About to drive my kids down to do a course with Child Safe Calgary.  (Issue #4: Safe neighbourhoods)

I’m hoping to go door knocking.  I have to go from Lakeview to Palliser.  (Issue #5: Getting from Lakeview to Palliser)  Side tangent: I’ll spare a thought that the exact same detour is the one we’ll be facing in the NE without a traffic tunnel under the airport runway.  Have you listened to the complaints about traffic in the SW?  Do we need to repeat our mistakes with the tunnel?  (Issue #6: Airport Tunnel)

Back to my place to make dinner.  (Issue #7: Affordable housing / secondary suites)  After dinner I’m taking a nap, because tonight I’m working a casino in support of WP Puppets.  (Issue #8: More on the arts, but also funding via casinos, social justice, education in mathmatics)

This is what affects me on a daily basis.  C’mon, Naheed Nenshi, give me some answers.

Issue #1 = Better Idea 12
Issue #2 = Better Idea 5 and Better Idea 9
Issue #3 = Better Idea 6
Issue #4 = Better Idea 7 and Better Idea 11
Issue #5 = Better Idea 9, extra detail is here.
Issue #6 = Better Idea 4
Issue #7 = Better Idea 1
Issue #8 = Better Idea 10 and Better Idea 12.

I’m voting Nenshi.  He’s addressing what affects me today.