Another damn blog on Vista?

I followed and wrote on the release of the latest batch of browsers:  IE7 and Firefox2.  I’ve got a strong opinion on browsers:  It’s best to be compliant with open standards and it’s best for the browser to simply be the gate to the internet.  IE7 is much, much improved over IE6, however it is not as standards compliant and it doesn’t have nearly as much flexibility as Firefox.  Flexibility matters when they mess up the interface as badly as Microsoft has.  (At least they need a way to provide the “classic” skin.)

Nonetheless, my opinion was - and still remains - that if you’re running an older version of a browser, you ought to upgrade to IE7 (if you are able) and I certainly recommend installing Firefox 2 for the better browsing experience.

Well, Microsoft released Vista today to the general public, and no one is particularly questioning whether they should upgrade or not.  Only the extreme enthusiasts, some developers and new systems purchased will upgrade to Vista right away.

Are there issues with Vista?  Surely.

Do I care?  Surely not.

I’m not enthusiastic over Vista, but I must learn and support it.  Will my work’s application install on Vista?  I need to test these things and ensure we have a flawless experience.  Will I enjoy the procedure?  Probably not.

Oh, I’ve been reading all the reports and blogs that you have been reading as well.  Some of the following revelations may come as a shock to you:

*ad nauseum

*So what do I do to celebrate this momentous occasion?  Well, yesterday I put a fresh image of Windows XP on a computer for our new developer.  Compare that to the end of life of Windows 98.  It seems to me I’m just a bit behind the times lately.

Where does my interest in all of this lie?  Well, I watched the launch of Vista.  As someone who worked in event production, it was utterly horrid.  Stiff and rigid on-stage performance, boring presentations of silly mounted DVDs, wacky moving camera angles and frenetic cuts that told you nothing about what Vista was but sure made you think you were watching through the eyes of a hyperactive Jack Russell Terrier on speed.  And then the band that walks onstage after the change over, start playing like it’s a rehersal or something, and playing soullessly (but really loud and really frenetic, ya know, like a hyperactive Dalmation puppy on speed.  No wait.  Something yappier…  Like a Terrier of some sort.)

It had all the feel of a very boring presentation that the sponsors are trying to “create a buzz.“  You can’t force a buzz.

“Vista.  Might be nice, but I won’t care until I have to buy a new system.”

That’s kinda catchy..  Maybe I’ll start up a company that creates Internet memes.